Business trips are an important part of our working life in the corporate world and it’s important to make the most of it. On a business trip, it’s important to remain focus and do your best to attract your clients with your latest services or products. However, it’s also essential to remain healthy.

Whether you’re a senior manager that travels frequently or an entrepreneur that goes often on business trips to meet different clients, you’re in the right place. Today, we’ll walk you through the best ways to make your business travel easier and more efficient.

Of course, going on a business trip also means working remotely. To check the best ways to work while traveling, make sure to check Tricks and Trips.

1. Travel Light and Dress Professionally


Traveling light can easily translate to remaining focused during the whole business trip. In fact, taking your luggage everywhere with you can distract you and add hassle during the trip. The best thing about this is that you won’t need to wait for your luggage at the baggage carousel, and that’s certainly a great way to gain precious time.

Also, dressing appropriately yet professionally is very important on most business trips. Of course, every business trip is different from the others, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be dressed to impress. On a business trip, your clients will be waiting for you when you land and giving the wow factor as soon as they see you is essential to improve your reputation.

We think it’s a great way to remain efficient since you will be more confident with yourself, feel more productive, and ready to close the deal. Needless to say, traveling light will also make things easier for you wherever you go. 

2. Stay as Hydrated as Possible


Staying hydrated is an underestimate way to make your business trip easier and more efficient. Drinking water doesn’t only benefit your health but it can greatly impact your productivity and increase your concentration.

A study by Premium Waters Inc found out that a 3% to 4% increase in dehydration can result in around a 25 percent drop in productivity. Needless to say, a glass of water can make miracles on a business trip. Certainly, remaining productive during a business meeting while presenting your product is a brilliant addition to ultimately close the deal with a client.

Finding water on a business trip is very simple. From drinking on the plane, on the train, at the office, or during breaks, staying hydrated will definitely make your business trip more efficient.

3. Sleep on the flight


Sleeping on the flight can not only help get more focus during the rest of the day but also remaining healthy and more productive. In fact, lack of sleep can make you lose focus and ultimately even miss a deal. Also, lacking sleep is one of the most challenging parts of traveling for business.

Sleeping on the flight is particularly an important thing to do to make your business trip more efficient if you travel far away from home. For instance, entrepreneurs that travel from the USA to China will suffer from jet lag. This jet lag will potentially make you dizzy, certainly more tired, and not productive.

Business trips usually last only a few days and not making the most of it is usually regrettable. To help you sleep on the plane and, therefore, increase productivity during business trips, we’d recommend taking dietary supplements. The most common supplements are Melatonin, Lavender, and Magnesium.

4. Take Advantage of Airport Lounges and Business Class


This is certainly an important point of going on a business trip that should be considered. In fact, taking advantage of airport lounges will allow you to get prepared for your meetings. Whether you’re planning to meet different clients or present your latest products, having 2 or 3 hours before your flight will definitely make the whole business trip easier and more efficient.

In addition, certain credit cards offer complimentary airport lounge service. That makes it definitely easier for everyone, from entrepreneurs to business directors, to get prepared to meet their clients.

Last but not least, if you’re able to fly in business class, taking advantage of the WiFi service and extra space will certainly help working while flying. Of course, sleeping on the flight is important to remain active, however, spending an hour or two preparing your speech will definitely get you more confidence.

5. Avoid Traveling During Peak Hours


Traveling during peak hours can make or break your business trip. In fact, airports tend to get very crowded during peak times and other travelers will, therefore, slow you down. From getting to the airport and checking-in your flight to passing security and getting to the airport lounge, you’ll waste lots of time that could actually be invested.

For instance, traveling in the early morning can help you get through security more easily, get on the flight more quickly, and ultimately save you time at work. Needless to say, time is money, and taking advantage of early hours will make your trip easier and definitely make it more efficient.

To conclude, if you want to increase your productivity time on a business trip, traveling during the early hours is a great way to give the best of yourself and eventually impress your clients.


These were the best ways to make your business travel easier and more efficient. From traveling light and dressing professionally to staying hydrated, your productivity will highly increase. Additionally, make sure to get some sleep on your flight not to suffer from jet lag and eventually remaining productive throughout the whole trip.

While business trips are currently limited to the pandemic, they will certainly resume very soon and you’ll be able to close more deals face to face. 

To conclude this article, make sure to take regular breaks. While every minute counts on business trips, taking breaks is an essential way to remaining productive and taking in some fresh air.