Entrepreneurs are the people that are running businesses, but running a business is not an easy task. For a business to succeed, however, it needs to have a competent entrepreneur behind it that will guide it to business success. And one important factor that helps guide your business to success is accounting.

Having the skills to control your business finances is something that will distinguish you from the rest of the entrepreneurial world. It helps you with minimizing business tax, handle company accounts, controlling finances, and other overheads. Those who don’t have this skill won’t be able to handle accounts, and they certainly won’t have the nerves to do it.

To solve this problem, you can always hire a talented account that will take care of everything finance-related. Accountants can offer far more to a business that to simply manage accounts. But, you can also do so much with having an accounting or accounts payable software in place.

Generally speaking, a business that employs a good accountant benefits a lot from a wide range of services. As every business decision will have some financial impact, it’s best that you discuss things with your accountant first before making any business-related decisions in the future.

How Does Your Company Benefit from Accounting?


Every company can benefit greatly from having a solid accountant keeping tabs on its books. After all, the financial records of a business can be considered as its lifeblood. It’s only here that you’ll have the means to ascertain the overall function of your business. Are you steady on the profit-earning potential? Or are you on a dangerous decline?

Furthermore, a virtual card issuer that enables your business to automate the accounts payable process and turn all these payables into a profit center does far more than managing company accounts. With all that said, here’s a general rundown of how your company can benefit from this kind of system.

1. Help You Pay The Right Amount of Tax

No one wants to pay more tax than what they’re supposed to. However, while we’d all want to pay less, we simply cannot underpay our tax as it will get us into trouble with official bodies. You’ll end up paying different percentages when it comes to business tax – depending on where you live. To fully understand the exact amount of tax you’d need to pay, you need to hire the person that will find savings when calculating your expenses.

2. Help You Save Tax


The law cannot harm you if you know it. Accounting is the law of finances, and knowing the ins and outs will help you legally reduce your tax bill. So for this, it’s best advised that you hire an accountant as he/she will not only help to reduce your tax but identify legitimate and tax-efficient strategies that will greatly benefit your income. Some of these strategies can be described as government incentives, offsetting losses, allowances, and more.

3. Help Improve Cash Flow

A lot of startups completely neglect the importance of cash flow. Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Having the ability to manage cash flow will protect your business from going bust. Accounting also protects you from any financial risks. This not only protects your company from failing, but it also ensures confidence and attracts investors and stakeholders.

The process of improving your business’ cash flow necessarily involves getting a run-down of the financial statements, which an accounting system or virtual card issuer can easily perform. With sound financial records, it’s easier for your business to conduct a top-down review of your cash flow.

For this purpose, the three main financial statements that’ll be made by your accountant, with the help of the necessary software are the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows.

4. Helps Set Up Your Business


Accounting can help set up a solid foundation in place when drawing your business plan. Since every business needs a business model, accounting can help calculate the probability of its success. For this, it’s best advised that you get an expert opinion from an expert accountant. Accounting by the Books is your best option for all of your accounting needs such as bookkeeping, consulting, and business set up.

As your business starts, the budget is one aspect that’s very important for you to cover. You may think that the budget you have in mind is enough as your capital. But it helps to have sound advice from your entire accounting team as to your budgeting. This is important to settle early on so that you’ve got a strong foundation on how you should start your business. That way, you don’t risk falling into the trap of losses even early on in your business.

5. Growth Management

Little do entrepreneurs know, but sudden spikes in growth can be just as tricky as slow growth. While it would be ludicrous to think that growth could be a problem for your business, it actually can be in terms of cash flow, taxes, office space, employees, and lots of other things. The process will help you with the management of sudden business growths by focusing on the different aspects that it affects such as cash flow and tax. The accounting will be a tool that will turn those growths from problems to advantages.

6. Help Undergo Audits


When your business grows to a certain size, a third-party and independent body will perform an inspection into your company’s accounts. This inspection is called an audit. This is generally seen as a good sign as your business has grown so much that it can be considered a serious one. However, before the inspection occurs, you must have an accountant that will sort things out.

The accountant will take a look at your official accounts and determine whether everything is going as planned. This is a must-have for when your company grows to a certain size, but it can also help small businesses by keeping tabs on its goals. An audit makes sure that everything is running smoothly in your company.

7. Help With Buying or Selling

The fastest way for you to grow your business is to acquire one of your competitors. But this inst as easy as it sounds, like a merger and acquisitions (M&A) are more complex than you think. For this, accounting takes center stage and the accountant should be the first person you call to the table.

An experienced accountant will be able to look into the particular company’s books and determine whether everything is satisfactory. Most mergers are done so that one company completely buys over another company, along with everything they own such as assets and even debts.

8. It Offers A Second Opinion


Accounting isn’t all about just money and tax like we mentioned numerous times before. It offers an expert second opinion, so a good accountant is something that every business needs if it wants success. Accountants carry a wealth of knowledge with them that you can utilize for your own personal needs. Accountants also offer you an unbiased opinion into your every business decision, so do not neglect them.

9. Saves You Time

Even when you’ve already been in business for quite some time, there’s no better professional that can handle accounting efficiently and correctly than your accountant, who is also up-to-date with the latest tax software in the industry, such as UltimateTax. As they’ve spent years studying this field, it’s safe to say that they’ve mastered this skill more than you have.

Running a business means going through a lot of job functions daily, and you can’t always do everything on your own. Since they can accurately do all the accounting tasks for you, an accountant can save you so much time. This saved time allows you to spend on other important tasks of the business.


Accounting allows you to do all the things we mentioned and more. Every business needs it as well as the professional in the branch because it protects it from any financial risks. Furthermore, it also makes sure your business operates legally and by the books.

While accountants perform very technical job functions for your business, many would consider them as their business’ financial adviser. You can use a thing or two about making sound financial decisions with the help of your trusted accountant. Along with one, a good software that manages your accounts payable can also do wonders into making your making your business maximize its profits.