Business communication is a specific type of communication that is always better to be official and formal, since most of the things should be claimed and confirmed, without a risk of some message getting lost in time and space. Also, we all know that it’s much easier to message someone on Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, or any other messaging app, so you can be sure they will get the notification and act immediately if needed.

But, once again, running a successful business requires using official channels of communication. On the other hand, we are aware of the existence of some online groups where the coworkers and managers are communicating, so they can get something done.

But, there is a very tiny line that separates professional life from private time, and it’s very easy to cross over it and start receiving work-related messages after working hours. It’s even worse when the coworkers are using that specific group just to talk about random things that aren’t related to work, or just read how the people you work with share things that aren’t relevant to the job (and yes, there are cases when they talk about private topics, food, kids, going out, and so on).

But, if you use that group for the right purpose, then you will probably have no problem having it on your phone. So, here are some of the pros of using WhatsApp for business chatting:

1. A lot of people are already using it

That means you will be connected to all of them for group and individual chats. You can easily share documents, photos, and videos, and the overall usage can be pretty pleasant. Even if you change your device, there is an option to save that data, by using Wondershare Dr.Fone – which is great, since most of the messaging apps don’t have this option.

2. Direct contacts with the potential clients

If they let you do that, you can easily share the offers with them, and make sure they’ve seen it, and get the proper reaction. Knowing that a lot of people already have this app, it’s pretty easy to find them, and share what’s important.

3. Effective for easy communication


Emails are not always the easiest way to tell someone something, so a lot of people reach to WhatsApp for business, and talk directly to their coworkers and managers. But, we need to note one important thing.

Once you are allowed to do something, or your idea is approved, insist on confirming that through an email or any other channel you use for formal communication. And, as you can suppose, using WhatsApp for business also has some disadvantages too. Let’s see what are those

4. You need a stable internet connection all the time

If somehow the internet is broken at some particular moment, it can result in a chaos of unsent messages, and confusing content. On the other hand, there is no messaging app that works without an internet connection, so even though it’s a huge disadvantage, there are not many things you can do for this one, instead of waiting for the connection to get back.

5. It can interrupt the private time


If you work with an international team, or you have clients worldwide, this simple and naive app can become your worst enemy. As we said at the beginning of this article, a lot of people can’t make a difference between formal and casual communication, and they are using business groups and chats to have fun in their spare time.

You can go against this one by muting the chat. We suggest you use separate apps for business communication and messaging with the people you love.

6. You can’t separate the threads

Even though it’s a popular platform when it comes to some tiny things that can make a huge difference. Yes, it allows you to get in touch with everyone, but you can’t access the threads, and you need to manually look for the older posts. That can be pretty time-consuming, and very tricky if you aren’t that patient as this app requires.

7. Understand business communication better

You probably know that every information shared between you and the people inside or outside the company is a part of business communication. It usually has simple and clear goals – to inform about the new things, offers, rules, and practices. Basically, there are three types of communication, such as internal, external, and personal.

Is WhatsApp for business good for that? It can be useful, but in these cases, you always have to formalize every decision made while chatting. As we suggested before, if your manager approaches you through a messaging app, and you understand what they are looking for, make sure you ask them to confirm all of that through email. That’s the only way for both sides to be protected from manipulations.

Also, it’s very easy for the chats to get out of control. If something like that is happening, and your colleagues disturb you during your free time, you have to tell them you don’t approve of that type of communication. Today’s popular chatting apps are giving people the freedom to do those things, and surely, every further notification will make you nervous.

The technical aspects of WhatsApp for business

As we already said, it’s easy to use, and that’s why a lot of people are choosing it as a casual channel for communication. Also, the conversations are direct, ad-free, and secure. You can create messaging channels and video calls with individuals or a whole group.

A strong internet connection is highly recommended, so all the features work nicely. There are some limitations when it comes to the size of the files, but that’s why a good and old email is still here for you.

Remember, professional communication is not for home and free time. Feel free to mute the chat until the next day. That will keep your mental health in a good condition, no matter the pros and cons of WhatsApp or any other communication tool available.