Having burn injuries can make you feel devastated emotionally, physically, and alone during the struggle to recover. However, that should not be the case because you will be eligible to get a significant monetary value compensation, whether the burn is minor or severe, due to gross misconduct or negligence in Chicago. Even though the financial returns cannot fully make up for the terrible experience and loss, below is how much one can get to claim on a burn injury in Chicago:

There are two significant damages a client can expect to get in a burn injury claim:

The Punitive Damages

These damages punish the party at fault for gross negligence or negligent behavior. Elements of failure include:

  • A duty of care by the employer
  • Breaching the duty of care
  • The breach resulted from the burn injury
  • The burn injury caused a loss of wages and other finances

The Compensatory Damages

It’s hard to put the exact number on how much money your case is value, however burn injury attorneys can assist with deciding your expected compensation. Long-lasting deformation and handicap are typically engaged with the most profitable burn injury claims.

At the point when carelessness happens, punitive damages might be granted to rebuff the guilty party behind your calamity whether it’s a person, organization or producer. Punitive damages are utilized to deflect those capable from such way of behaving in the upcoming days.

These damages aim at compensating a client for the medical expenses they have undergone, such as medical bills, pain, and suffering, and in case the person has a permanent disability due to the burn.

The average settlement of a burn injury claim varies considerably and is affected by many potential factors. The following factors determine the worth of your burn injury claim and settlement:

1. The Degree of The Burn Injury

Burn injuries have several stages

First Degree Burn

This involves only the outer layer of skin tissue and causes minimal redness. An individual will not have blisters and has no long-term harm.

Second Degree Burn

Second-degree are excruciating, however they can include skin, nerves and joints, restricting their capacity to going ahead. Likewise, on the off chance that the substance gets at one’s ears, eyes or breathed in, one might need to manage vision issues, trouble eating or even relaxing.

It affects both the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. It results in blistering, which is painful to touch and can cause a scar.

Third Degree Burn

Also called the full-thickness burn. This burn affects all the skin layers and will need medical attention. It is not painful because the burn damages the nerve endings. The damages costs are high because they are deemed devastating and prevent a person from returning to work.

Fourth Degree Burn

It goes past the skin tissue and sometimes leads to irreversible damage to your muscles and organs. These burns are the most severe and commonly lead to disability and permanent disfigurement, and one can be hospitalized for a while. Fourth-degree burn has a higher settlement monetary cost and is more lucrative because of the permanent scarring and disfigurement one goes through.

The inability of the clients to have third and fourth-degree burns puts them in a financial bind of things such as medical costs.

In this, fourth and third-degree burns may confront huge results. Secondary contaminations, organ harm, and other hazardous infections are including. The burn damage might be killing if emergency clinical consideration is not handled immediately. It might be intense and emotionally hurting to live a life with the scars and deformation of the deep burn.

2. The Cause of The Burn Accident


When an employer fails to take the proper safety measures in a workplace, a client has a right to fight for a burn injury settlement.

But if the burn occurred purely as an accident, the patient will only get monetary reparations. To be sure if your case is viable, you can go to Zayed Law Offices for more consultation.

3. Medical Costs and Other Costs

The financial burden that a client goes through after treating the burn injuries is primarily high and considering while healing from the burns, one cannot go to work and most likely will not earn wages. This will be considered when placing a burn injury settlement for a patient. The medical costs comprise treatment for the average complications and a specialized burn center treatment.

4. Damaged Property

When placing a burn injury claim, you should also factor in property damaged during the accident. The damages can be anything ranging from damaging your personal property or a car in a car accident to the vent that your burn injury was from a fire accident.

5. Loss Of Income

The clients that have gone through burn injuries are most likely not going to be able to go to work because of the damage and the treatment attention the healing of the wound might need. The burn injury will lead to one losing their future earning capacity if one has third or fourth-degree burns. The burns will affect a person’s ability in the same capacity as before or even not be able to earn again. This will be highly considered when ranging the average.

6. Mental And Emotional Damages


When settling a burn injury for a person, the psychological effects that one went through due to the injuries are highly considered a factor. Burn injuries can lead to an acute stress disorder, depression, suicidal ideation, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). More than a third of people who go through burn injuries deal with clinically significant distress due to the burn injury. There can be emotional distress that one faces due to the burn trauma or a drastic lifestyle change.

Be it that the burn occurred due to gross negligence or an accident at work, a person may be legible to a burn injury claim worth thousands of dollars or, at times, millions.