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If you have a friend who has just started getting into the business world and has started their own small business, there are a couple of things you could think of as a gift to help them be more effective in the work.

A business or an entrepreneur who has just joined this world will be constantly under stress, working for more than ten hours a day, waking up super early, making risky decisions and a bunch of other things that keep their life complicated and busy.

You need to be supportive of your friend, and the best way to do this is to think of something that will help them through their tough time. You need to find something that will either reduce their stress or will improve the process throughout their day.

However, when you consider how many items or gadgets there are available, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right item for your friend. So, we decided to go through hundreds of different items that might help businessmen and made a smaller list with the best items.

Here are some of the best gifts for your businessman friend.

Keychain tracker

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If you have ever been in too much stress and stuck in too much work, you probably know how hectic your life can get. You get up early, you run to the shower, brush your teeth quickly, get a quick snack and doing everything you can to get out of the house as fast as possible. You need to get to work for that important meeting because you have a lot of work ahead of you. Unfortunately, in these hectic times, it happens that you always forget some things whether it is your phone, your keys or even your jacket.

Well, now put yourself in the shoes of your friend who constantly lives such a hectic life because of his business. So if you want to help him during his stressful days, why not get him a keychain tracker?

It is a gadget that you can use to track down anything you want with the help of your smartphone. Just download the application to your phone, attach the keychain to your keys and then connect the two devices. It can also be used for your wallet, your phone, or anything that you can easily drop, forget or lose. With just the press a button on the phone you can easily track its location or even activate a beeping sound so you can easily find it.

By gifting this to your friend, you will considerably reduce the time they spend during the morning forgetting stuff.

A nice set of earphones

It is well known that using a phone while you drive is very dangerous and illegal too. Sadly, a lot of people believe that this does not apply to them and cause serious accidents in traffic which can cause serious injuries, or at least cause a massive traffic stop.

So, if you want to help your friend avoid talking on the phone, but keep him active while he’s driving, you should get him a nice set of earphones with a quality microphone. They will be able to make business deals without ever having to grab the phone which can be dangerous for their safety.

In other words, you are helping your friend be much more effective and safer during his daily commute.

French press coffee maker

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How can one businessman survive throughout the day without coffee? It is a necessity for every working man or woman, and a good cup of coffee in the morning can really make your day start much better.

However, if your friend is the type of person who has to constantly work on their business and they do not have any time for themselves in the morning, then you should definitely get them a French press.

With the right coffee maker, they won’t have to spend precious minutes waiting for a mediocre cup of coffee. They can quickly get their boost of energy in the morning while also maintain the quality of the coffee. You should read more about other gifts you could combine with this coffee maker to create the ultimate gift for your friend.

Portable charger

While you can’t get them a charger that will charge the batteries of their body, you can at least make sure that their phone will always be on. When you have a small business it is very important that you are always available to your partners or customers. The only way you can achieve this is by ensuring that you constantly have enough battery on your phone.

So, if you want to ensure that the phone of your friend never dies out in the future again while making a very important business deal, you should get them a power bank. Also referred to as a portable charger, this external battery can keep a smartphone at 100% throughout the whole day. Although, this heavily depends on the size of the battery.

Smart Watch

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Your friend does not need another way to get distracted with entertaining content such as videos or applications, but they do need a way to be as effective as possible. With the right smartwatch, they will be able to easily set up and follow their calendar and schedules. They could also easily accept calls or decline calls, use the voice assistant or even send emails or messages. Of course, it can also be used as a regular watch, one that is very customizable.

A huge whiteboard

If you have ever been in a brand new business, you know how hard it can be to remember all the ideas you get and even harder to visualize them if you do not have the right equipment. So, why not equip your friend with a huge whiteboard where they can easily draw-up any kind of plans or ideas they have about their small business. You could also draw or write a motivational message right before you give it to them to show how much you support them in their business decisions.