To improve its business, a company puts a lot of effort into decorating social media, improving search engine ranking and writing convincing content. But even after all that, if the company fails to retain customers, it is a great waste of effort and resources.

Anyone who visits your website or social media page is your potential customer, and if you want to convert and retain them, you will have to make sure that you are providing them with that extra value.

There are a lot of small things that influence a customer to drop a website. So, to make sure that your digital marketing efforts are not going in vain, here are a few technical changes you can make to improve customer retention.

Improve User Interface


To retain more customers, you can start with improving your user interface. Whether the customer stays or leaves your page depends a lot on how the user navigates on your website. You need to make sure that your user interface is simple and easy to navigate. Keep the design of your website as simple as possible.

The more elements you add, the more difficult it will be for the user to navigate through the website. Also, make sure that you are letting the user roam freely on the website if you start controlling them with pop-ups that can also be bad for retention. Even if you want to add a pop-up, make sure that you are not adding it after the user has scrolled 80% of the page.

Another good practice is to add only one call to action on your page. If you have multiple calls to action on your page in shapes of buttons, it will only confuse the user. You need to define yourself where you want to navigate the user and then need to execute it smoothly.

Make sure your content is not all over the place, keep it precise and to the point. Use infographics as they are known to persuade visitors. Also, use simple fonts, do not try to add too much style in it. A minimalistic website with quality content is always the most effective one.

Use Interactive Video


If you have video demonstrations on your website, instead of using plain videos, you can use interactive videos to engage better with your customers. An interactive video lets the user decide what content of the video they want to watch.

Instead of playing the entire video, it takes input from the user in the form of a questionnaire and then plays the video accordingly. It also lets the user pick between options in the middle of a video. Users find it easier when they are given a choice on what content they want to consume.

You can get a personalized interactive video made with the help of BlueRush, who provides customized solutions to improve brand and customer relationships. These videos do not bombard all the content on the user. Instead, they show chunks of video to the user depending on their input.

For example: if your business offers multiple services, the interactive video can give them the options to choose from. That way the viewer will only see the info related to the services they are interested in. You can also offer them customized packages in which they can pick the services or options that they would like to be included in their package and can get a quote in the end.

Use A Chatbot


Having a customer service representative to answer customer queries can be expensive. But if you are not active 24×7 on your website, you are likely to lose more users. But there is a perfect solution available for that. You can use a Chatbot on your website to answer the queries immediately.

You can train the Chabot and can fill with hundreds of queries and that way you will be able to interact with your audience without any delays. A chatbot is not just available for websites, but they are also available for social media platforms. If you have an e-commerce store, you can also sell the products directly to the customers via chatbots. A lot of chatbots lets you create a store on the chatbot.

You can also add keywords to your products in the chatbot. All the customer needs to do is write the name of the product in the chatbot and it will appear there.

Use Remarketing With Google Ads


Sometimes a user visits your website and leaves without making a purchase or converting. You can target these users with Google Ads as well. With the remarketing feature, you can show display ads to the audience that already visited your website and did not make any purchase.

It is like that rule in advertising that says, the more you see, and the more likely you are to buy. This is also cheaper than the regular PPC campaign and you will have better chances of conversion as well.

Targeting someone who has not already visited your website with an SEM campaign is not that easy and can be really expensive. Remarketing, on the other hand, is easier and cheaper, and the more attractive your display ad will be the more inclined the user will feel.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile


Technology is always changing, and if you want to grow your business digitally, you will have to keep up with it. Every year the shift in the device use is increasing as more and more PC users are becoming mobile phone users.

More than 70% of people throughout the world use mobile phones to browse the internet. And you are likely to drive more conversions from there. That is why you need to make sure that your website is not just user-friendly for the web version but the mobile version is also as good.

A lot of elements on the web version will be adjusted according to the big screen. When you view it on mobile, it can look strange and out of place. So make sure that you pay equal attention to your mobile version as well.

Infographic created by First Data, a mobile payment provider.