Studying in college is a very demanding period for every person. You have to study much more than in high school, in addition, you have many other obligations ahead of you, since you have probably moved away from home and parents are not there to help you about everything. And parties, sports activities and other pleasures that this age brings should find their place in your schedule.

As if all that is not enough, some have to work during their studies. Then making a schedule and scheduling all the things that need to be done becomes a real nightmare. And there are many people who decide to enroll in college as adults, who have a family and children and have an obligation to put food on the table and pay the bills. That is why they have to work full time, and in order to improve their lives, they decide to enroll in college. Whichever group you belong to, you know how hard life can be in those moments. If you want to be successful and cope with everything that awaits you, read our tips on how to combine work and study successfully.

1. You need to plan in detail


Before the beginning of each semester, you must make a detailed plan that you will stick to. First, plan how they will coordinate the lectures and shifts you work in. For this you will probably need your employer and colleagues to help you and change shifts with you when you need it. For this reason, it is necessary that before you get a job or enroll in college, you inform your employer, and then future colleagues that you are studying. That way, you will know right away if it’s even possible to reconcile that particular job and your studies. Ask them to change shifts with you or to have a day off when you need it. And you in return offer them to work instead of the holidays or in some other terms when they need it.

Then make a plan for learning and going to lectures. Check which lectures are mandatory and which are not, and make a schedule accordingly. Also, inquire about the difficulty of the exam and don’t bite into a bigger bite than the one you can swallow. It is better to pass one exam than to try to study three at once and not pass any. If you see that you can’t reconcile everything, try to find another job or make it part-time, if you don’t have children and similar financial obligations

2. Learn how to save time


You will need many shortcuts to be able to complete this endeavor successfully. Inquire about any ways you could make your exams or other college responsibilities easier and thus save precious time. Maybe there is a learning group or something similar where you could learn more in a short time with the help of other students. Then, take a shortcut and if writing an essay will take you too long, find someone to do it for you. There are many reliable sites on the Internet that will write a completely unique essay on the topic you need. You won’t have to worry about whether it’s plagiarism and whether it’s well written because they do it every day. It is only important that you find a verified page before you trust them to write an essay for you. Visit and read the best and unbiased essay writing services review to be completely safe.

3. Take care of your health


You can be successful in college and make big money on your job, but it will eventually take its toll if you don’t take care of your health. Your days will definitely last a very long time and be exhausting. You will have very little free time, and even fewer days off. That’s why you need to take care of your health every day. Eat balanced meals that will nourish your body with quality macronutrients. Avoid fast food and other unhealthy foods like sweets. Drink water and tea, and avoid consuming soda and alcohol. No matter how busy you are, try to have regular meals that you have prepared in advance and carry them with you. Only in this way will you be able to preserve your health. Take supplementation in the form of various vitamins and minerals. Also, sleep as much as you can. If you need to get up early, go to bed as soon as you can. Don’t watch a TV show all night and then be tired all next day. You need to have a rhythm so that your body can withstand all the efforts of this way of life.

4. Take advantage of modern technologies


Take advantage of all the technologies that are all around us. We all have a smartphone, tablet and laptop. Use them for online studying, which according to Studymind is one of the most effective ways to learn. There are many applications that help you with this. Also, more and more professors are posting their lessons online, so sometimes you won’t have to waste time and attend lessons. You can ask someone to record lessons for you and then listen to them at home, saving a significant amount of time that way. Write down notes and everything else and store them on the cloud, because that’s the only way they are completely safe. Happily we are living in modern age where everything is on net and we just need to find it. You can even find websites which can help you do your essays and help you with doing your other student tasks. everything is at your fingertips, all you need to raise your hand.

Let the use of technology not end there. Try to find a job that you will do online and you will save even more time. There are many well paid freelance jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home and dictate to yourself how much work you have. It is by far the best option for every student.

5. Find comfort zone


It will be difficult at first. But over time, you need to find your comfort zone. Only from it you will be able to achieve everything you want. A person cannot spend a long time outside the comfort zone without having consequences for his physical and mental health. So give yourself the first few months to get used to it and find what works for you. Then you will be able to make a schedule that you will stick to and that you will enjoy.


Follow these tips and we are sure you will be able to combine work and study. It will not be easy, but it is absolutely possible, and in the end your whole sacrifice will be worth it.