Ever since the Agile framework started to replace the Waterfall as the go-to way of handling product development and project management for many firms around the world, including in the Asia Pacific, Agile has continued to gain popularity. Are you looking to benefit your business and organisation by adopting the Agile and Scrum way of doing things?

Rather than just learning about it on a blog or reading a book, all relevant employees must go through official training and education in this modern methodology. Just as important as choosing the Agile certification that is right for the different members of your team and the roles they play, is choosing the right Agile Training Provider.

Given its popularity, there is no shortage of training providers operating in and around the Asia Pacific region, which includes most Asian countries and Australia. So, how do you pick out the best of the bunch?

Fortunately, you may not have to, as we are here to talk about some of the best and offer some suggestions as to which training providers you should consider.

1. ALC Training, Australia


First up, we have ALC Training, based in Australia who are known for providing quality training to governmental departments and businesses. They focus on best practices and product development and project management frameworks to make sure companies always get the very best possible investment out of their IT. Although based in Australia, they have offices in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, in addition to the bases in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Their courses are held regularly not just on home turf in Australia, but South-East Asia and New Zealand too. To date, since 1994, over 48,000 people have successfully trained at ALC Training.

2. Scrum with Style, Australia

Scrum with Style is one of the leading and longest-running Scrum training providers in Australia and in addition to the training programs they also offer a very Scrum-Friendly and focused Agile consultancy service. Still a relatively new company, it was set up in 2008 by an Australian Scrum pioneer by the name of Rowan Bunning. He is very experienced, having worked in the position of Agile coach with one of the world’s and Europe’s top Agile consultancy firms and several different companies across Australia.

The accumulative experience Scrum with Style brings to the table is more than a decade. Their focus is courses for software development and IT project management professionals based in New Zealand and Australia. They also offer custom training and consultancy on Agile practices and implementation.

Some of the country’s biggest and most popular brands in such varied industries as video gaming, media, security, manufacturing, retail, health insurance, state and federal government and financial services have been clients of Scrum with Style.

They have been officially accredited with Scrum Alliance for the best part of a decade.

3. Fast Agile Coaching Training, Australia


Fast Agile Coaching Training is an Agile training provider based in Avalon Beach in New South Wales, Australia who have been operating for several years. They have a team of dedicated educators made up of trainers and coaches who are also seasoned practitioners of the Agile methodologies they teach about.

This helps them to have the experience and qualifications to deliver a high quality of training that can help businesses and individuals to speed-up their progression and improve their ability in Agile. They offer courses that have been globally certified and stick to high standards that result in certifications that are recognised in various industries. As well as establishing good Agile working practices, they also help participants to look towards the future.

4. Agile Academy Asia, Taipei, Taiwan

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Agile Academy Asia is an Agile training provider that offers a varied range of courses that are aimed at helping companies get into the right mindset for Agile. They have courses that are directed towards and better suited for beginners and those that are better suited and more beneficial for advanced Agile practitioners.

What’s more, their training courses can be offered directly off-the-shelf, or they can be tailored specifically to the requirements of the participants and companies in certain industries and sectors.

5. AxisAgile, Australia


AxisAgile is one of the leading training providers of Agile certifications in Australia and has currently trained more than 12,500 fully certified practitioners in more than 1,800 different Australian tertiary institutions, governmental agencies, and companies.

They have the benefit of their co-CEO, Ilan Goldstein being a globally CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) of which there are only four of in the world Endorsed by Scrum Alliance, AxisAgile is an organisation that is run by professionals who are committed, knowledgeable and energetic about all things Agile.

They have in-depth experience of working with public companies, market leaders and start-ups on both local turf and internationally across most sectors.

6. The Agile Director, Evan Leybourn, Australia

The Agile Director, known as Evan Leybourn, based in Australia, has been offering Agile and other training courses since 2006, not just in Australia but throughout South East Asia. He has worked with many big-name companies and brands including Motorola, Sony Ericson and DBS Bank, and the Australian Federal Police. Covering everything from Agile Business Management, to Starting with Kanban, Agile for Developers, Agile Methods and Advance Agile Methods, his courses receive rave reviews all the time.

7. IRM Training, Australia


Setup in 1989, IRM Training is one of the most qualified and experienced providers of training in the country, that has training instructors at the top of their field. Although it is not solely focused on Agile training, many of their most popular courses are the Agile programs, including those focused on SAFe, or Scaled Agile Framework, such as Leading SAFe, SAFe for Teams, SAFe ScrumMaster, and SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager.

There are many others out there, but we picked out some of the best Agile training providers so that you could go straight for the most prolific, experienced and qualified if you are interested in moving towards a more Agile way of doing things in your business.