Food is perhaps the center of culture because everybody around the world eats. While foodies around the globe are enjoying a gastronomic renaissance as chefs refine classic dishes or experiment by combining traditions, running a restaurant is still the difficult challenge it always was.

Thankfully, modern tools give today’s restaurant owners ways to find efficiencies that were unavailable even just a few years ago. You can click here or read on to learn more about how employee scheduling software works, as it’s a powerful tool that no business owner can afford to ignore.

Better Schedules in Less Time


While restaurant-goers can be excused for thinking only about the food, business owners need to find places in their restaurant to be run more efficiently. One of the places where they look is schedule creation since this takes up a lot of time and needs to be done each week.

Now, software designed specifically to help restaurants get better schedules in less time does precisely this, reducing the time schedule creation takes by up to 80%. Even the amount of calling and texting used to iron out the details in a schedule gets reduced by up to 70%, making all aspects of schedule creation more efficient.

This technology uses automation where possible, but also takes into account the specific needs of every employee. You’ll get schedules that are actually better in addition to being produced effortlessly and in less time.

Labor Compliance

Modern employee scheduling software goes way beyond what its name suggests: this software can also help restaurant owners comply with labor laws. This way, your restaurant will avoid fines for violations and employees will always stay fresh.

There’ll always be an alert before an employee is set to be scheduled for overtime pay, so your business never gives them the higher-paying hours accidentally. This is just one more way this software saves you money, as the time saved by producing schedules in less time is enough to shave off 1-3% of your labor costs, historically one of the biggest drains on a restaurant.

Total Knowledge


Any business leader needs to know their business inside out before making important decisions. Employee scheduling software links to your POS system, so every aspect of your business — from the cash register to tips and beyond — gets quantified and reflected back in hard data.

Employee scheduling software also reveals another important dimension of your business: after each shift, it prompts employees to rank and describes it in their own words. This helps your business identify issues before they develop into problems. The combination of vital statistics and human perspective from frontline staff creates a fuller picture, so managers are empowered to make important decisions from a place of real knowledge.

Balancing the books in a restaurant is helped by serving delicious food, but boosting places in the business in need of improvement will also make the numbers underlying the kitchen work. Modern advances like employee scheduling software drive results, making it one tool your restaurant ledger truly needs.