Sending out quotations to several prospects and customers can be intimidating, especially when you are a solopreneur or freelance designer. Drafting quotes may not be your strong suit, but it is essential that you reach out to prospects and clients with the best offer that you have.

How do you draft an ideal logo design price quote for your prospect or client?

Big enterprises have an assigned sales team to manage such tasks. But the issues of drafting ideal quotes arise when it comes to SMBs, freelancers, and solopreneurs. They usually try and opt for quoting software to resolve such issues. These tools offer several features that can be leveraged to create winning quotes to convert prospects into customers.

But before all that you should first know what an ideal logo design price quote should contain.

Five Important elements to include in a logo design quotation

1. Cover/Title page

The cover page mainly includes standard information like the name of the client, the name of the company/service provider, their logo, name of the quote.

Here is an example of a cover page of a logo design price quote template that you can make use of and get an upper hand in your quote drafting process.

2. Logo design quote

This section talks about the details of both the parties to the quotation. The list of information includes the company’s and client’s name, address, website, contact information (telephone number, email address), and the person of contact.

Along with the details about the parties to the agreement, it also includes the quotation number, the date on which the quote was prepared, the expiration date, and by whom was the quote prepared.

Note – An expiration date is usually included in a quote to create a sense of urgency. This is done in situations when a prospect has multiple offers and pricing lists to choose from.

3. Pricing

This is the most important element to be included in the logo design price quote. You must ensure that all the services that are being provided to the client must be listed clearly. Pricing is key to winning a deal. Clearly, convey all the pricing details and ensure that you leave no room for ambiguity. The best way to go about it will be by creating an itemized list of all the possible services and add on tasks that will be required to fulfill the job.

Ensure that you set out realistic expectations – the price shouldn’t be exceptionally high or low. Do your research to fully acquaint yourself with the market rates and industry standards.

4. Terms and conditions

Any business document like the logo design price quote lays down a set of terms and conditions that governs the overall agreement. It includes provisions and clauses that need to be complied with throughout the deal term.

A design quote will include provisions such as payment terms, which will define how the client is supposed to make the payment, when will the payment happen (monthly, quarterly, annually, deliverable completion). It will also include clauses about termination, confidentiality, etc.

5. Acceptance and signature

Now comes the final part where you seal the deal. In order for the terms and conditions of the quote to be applicable and the seller or service provider to start the work, both parties must accept and sign the quotation.

With suitable quoting software, both you and your client can quickly e-Sign and close the deals with much ease.

Keep in mind, to include these elements when drafting a logo design quote for your clients. You can try out Revv, which not only offers legally vetted and ready-to-use business document templates but also helps you manage and store all your quotations in one place and e-Sign documents with one click.

Tips to draft a quotation that helps you stand out from the crowd

  • Keep the language simple  – A request for a logo design will come from business owners who have little experience in the design front. You must ensure that you convey the messages in simple language and with minimal use of technical jargon. There are high chances that a client or prospect might reject your quotation if they don’t understand your offering. Your aim should be to convince them, not confuse them.
  • Present data in a readable format – Getting the prospect or client to read your quote might not be as difficult as to hold their attention till the very last page. Present your information in a concise format such as listing all the service offerings and their pricing list in a neat table format. Try and make your graphic design logo quote visual and easily readable.
  • Do your research well – As mentioned earlier in the pricing section, do thorough research of what is happening in the industry. Be aware of what your competitors are charging to know the true value of your offerings. Don’t make the mistake of undervaluing or overvaluing yourself.
  • Be open to negotiation – It is quite often when clients feel that they didn’t bag the best deal until they do some negotiation. A no negotiation policy might hurt you more than you can imagine. With the possibility of negotiation on the table, you can put forward your points and justifications if the customer quotes for a price lower than your expectations.

The most important tip is to make sure that you create the quotation that speaks about you, your organization, and your brand and how it will solve the prospects’ and clients’ issues.

The closing remark


It is important to draft documents like logo design price quotes in a well-structured way because it is a formal source of communication between you and your prospect and client. It legally binds your agreement and ensures that both the parties are on the same page in terms of  offerings and their related prices. This document will form the basis of your agreement and be used for reference in case of disputes.

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