Web design companies are booming right now considering how many new businesses are opening up every single day. There is a huge demand for both web developers and designers. But, those larger companies are unable to handle thousands of new clients or are not willing to do so. Fortunately, small web design companies are here to take those clients. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of people have biased in the wrong opinions towards these smaller companies. They believe that the level of quality will not be on par with larger businesses.

However, I believe that is a huge misconception and that people should accept the fact that even smaller local businesses will provide a quality product no matter what. Of course, it is true that a larger business might tackle a certain problem with different methods and with a lot more designers, but that does not mean that products from a smaller web design company will be bad.

To try and help these smaller businesses and change people’s opinions about them, I decided to fight against those common misconceptions. Here are some of them.

1. A local web designer is expensive


Many people believe that building and designing a website is a very complicated process which is why businesses are pricing their services so aggressively. Some would even say that such a project can cost up to thousands of dollars. But, that is not always the case. Especially if you are working with a smaller business. Design sometimes can be worth a lot of money, but a local web designer may have an affordable price compared to a larger corporation that offers similar services.

Yes, certain services even from a local business can be very costly, but all of that depends on the product. If you are looking for a long-term solution and a very demanding design, you may have to pay a lot more money.

Basically, the product that you are going to get depends on your budget. The bigger your pockets, the better the quality.

2. They visualized the website for you


It seemed like many people have the misconception that if you go to a local web designer, you will not be able to visualize the website by yourself. That they will not accept your ideas and that anything should be expected

However, that is very far from the truth. A good businessman will always try to satisfy all of your needs and requirements. They will never try to go down on their own path without your permission. Obviously, if you give them artistic freedom, they will experiment with the design. But even then, they will require your opinion on the matter once it is finished. You are allowed to be unsatisfied with the final product.

But, that is simply how the interaction between a customer and a designer should be. With enough trial and error, you can both come to the conclusion that you will both be satisfied with.

3. You can prolong the process as much as you want


Sometimes, smaller businesses have a very hard time dealing with certain types of customers. Those clients treat these companies in an unfair way. They believe that these companies do not have enough clients to be picky. But, that is definitely not true. With so many people that need a new website to be built, these smaller companies will always have new clients and thousands of orders.

Never assume that they do not have enough clients. Even if they do not, that does not give you the right to prolong the product as much as you want. You have to respect their time. Otherwise, they could just break up the contract with you and will continue with some other client. You will lose all the time you have spent and you will not get any kind of design. Of course, you will most probably get your money back.

The reality is that a small web design company is just as skilled and able as any other larger business as suggested by NJ Bizmap. With a good product from such a company, you could easily put you on the map.

4. It is the designer’s fault


As I said previously, certain types of customers treat these smaller designers quite this respectively. Even when they tried to satisfy their customer with the best possible product, they still are ridiculed and considered not good enough. That is simply not fair because every good designer is taught how to deliver a good product on time.

Unfortunately, even with that fact in mind, some people blame the lack of success on their website because of a “bad” design even though it is not bad at all. If you do not seem to get any kind of traffic on your website, it may be a problem with something else. The look of your website is not the only and most important factor. There are so many other things that influence the traffic on your webpage.

So, instead of trying to blame others for your problems, it will probably be best that you do some research beforehand and find those other factors that are hindering your progress.

5. They can only focus on one product


There is one another huge misconception about smaller businesses that truly put them in a bad light. Many people think that these types of companies are unable to tackle multiple projects or work on multiple products at the same time. But, that is simply not true. If the team is big, experience, and skill enough, they could easily work on several different products at the same time. And achieving their deadlines at the same time.

So, forget about this misconception and if you need someone to work on multiple projects for you, go ahead and contact your local web designer and I assure you that you will be satisfied.

There are probably several other misconceptions about any kind of smaller business, but I believe these five are the most common and probably the most annoying ones.