What is ChexSystems?

ChexSystems is a database used by banks in order to find out whether a certain customer presents a risk to the bank. Fidelity National Information Services owns the ChexSystems and provides the necessary banking software and technological support for financial institutions.

Once you apply to open a new checking account, the bank will review your ChexSystems report before letting you know whether your request has been approved. Numerous financial institutions comprise the ChexSystems network and watch out for individuals with bad banking records. To summarize, ChexSystems is a consumer-reporting agency. Unlike the credit report which reports both good and bad behavior, only the problems are being reported to ChexSystems.


What can get you reported?

Some of the reasons why you might be reported are bounced checks, debit card or ATM abuse (which includes fraudulent activity), excessive account applications, identity theft, public records, and unpaid negative balances. The unpaid negative balance isn’t going to get you reported in a day or two, but if you fail to deal with your negative balance for a longer period of time, it’s quite possible you’re going to be reported. The records, however, are removed after five years. Even if you do resolve the issue earlier, there is nothing promising you that the record will be removed before five years have passed.


How can you avoid being reported and clear up your account?

In some situations, you can simply contact your bank and describe your issue to them. They might work with you and let you off the hook in case you contact them in time and do everything that’s in your power to resolve the issue. You should balance your account and make sure you’re not overspending the balance in the future.

By following advice from, you can easily get out of the ChexSystems.

Request your ChexSystems report so you can determine the reason why the bank didn’t approve your request. You can receive a free copy of your report once a year. You can request your report by calling ChexSystems or visiting the website.

Once you’ve been reported, you should contact your bank as soon as possible in order to start fixing the problem. In case you’re not in a position to pay off the entire debt at once, you can find a better payment plan with your bank. There is no other way out of this situation except paying off the money you owe.


In case you found some inconsistencies and errors you should gather the documents supporting your claims and visit the Dispute Information section on the ChexSystems website.

If you found evidence of identity theft, you can file a police report and explain that your identity has been stolen. The police report should be sent to every bank where the account was opened.

When you pay off your debts, you can request for your file to be updated. In some cases, it will be cleared right away, while in others it will take some time. If the update hasn’t happened, you can simply wait for the five-year period to pass so the record can be cleared.