We’re all familiar with crisis, chaos and havoc. Most times, when these things happen, all hell breaks loose! Going through these can be painful and devastating. From people who have experienced more crises than the average, I can tell you something even worse than a disaster; not learning from it!

With all that is happening in the world, the COVID-19 pandemic topping the charts, we’re all feeling the effects. You might have lost your job, had to close down your business, or maybe you’re going through a personal meltdown. Breath. Whatever the case, we’re all swimming in rough seas. So, without further ado, let’s look at the possible ways to approach to facing the storm and rising up again!

Never waste a good crisis, as said by Winston Churchill

#1: Accept It!

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You can and can’t control everything that happens around you. What’s more, you can and can’t face anything you haven’t accepted! The simple act of acceptance can yield more results than denying what’s right in front of you. Denial is one of the biggest causes of the crisis, and one of the most toxic attributes anyone can carry. Sure, it sounds simple and dumb, but accepting that you can’t see beyond the fog can help you settle in and find a way of moving forward.

#2: Look Out to History and Look for Crisis’s That Other Have Gone Through

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We’re all playing the same game. We’re all making the same mistakes over, and over, and over again! The only difference is how we deal with each crisis. It is in all of us to change the actions and circumstances we’re going through. The repetitive wave of our efforts are all learning curves if we only pay attention to them. The first thing you need to do when hitting rock bottom is to look back. Ask yourself, have I been here before? What’s the reason? How did I get over it last time? And how is this situation I’m in any different from the last one?

Given the nature of us all, we’re capable of making new mistakes. In such cases, look at the mistakes or situations of others who might have gone through the same thing. This is because personal experiences won’t always help you. Try to find out how others dealt with their crisis. Read up on it online, ask questions from friends, family and colleagues, and be as curious as you want, that way you’ll get closer to overcoming challenges and crises.

#3: Take a Step Back

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You’re not running away. You’re just trying to understand the situation you’re in through a different lens. Putting on a “different hat” or “setting outside the box” can bring clarity and a chance for you to deal with the crisis in front of you. Sometimes this is hard and may not be possible, but having the option can help a great deal. Say something like “it won’t be only, my strength will come”, or “it’s obvious something I did brought me here, let me look at it in a different light and try something else.”

#4: Ask For Help

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Reach out and find a helping hand. You need to be open and honest about your situation. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to help, that there are reliable sources out there (some going through a similar situation) waiting to be pitched. Too often our crisis is exploding in and around us because we’re trying to be the Jack of all spades – we try to do everything at the same time instead of seeking help. Not interacting with others is another downfall of ours. We’re social butterflies scared of asking for help because that “goes against our nature”. It’s time to let go of that mentality, to forget our pride and become vulnerable.

In business, crises are always around the corner, and when sales targets get smashed, you close a huge deal or the IT upgrade meets all your needs and when all goes well, business runs smoothly. However, we often learn that more troubled times are ahead. There will always be a need to be vigilant and ready for when those times come. Make sure you list possible things that could cause a crisis, and a couple unlikely things, this way you’ll be prepared for them. Make sure that you also have someone who’ll communicate these, with the action plan for when the time comes.

One thing you need to avoid is make rush statements about a crisis. Getting the facts wrong or rushing into making promises will make matters worse. There’s an old saying that marrying in haste and repenting at leisure? With an action plan, you have time to mold things over and get distance from the situation so that when you confront it, you have more clarity. Bear in mind that down the line, a new crisis will know your business on your doors, and if you handle the previous crisis well, your reputation will spread on the front page more strengthened than ever before.

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A crisis management plan is essential and helps establish processes in a business to deal with disruptive and unexpected emergencies. Make sure that your plan is in place long before crises so that your business is ready to combat unexpected situations.

Everything, especially businesses, are susceptible to a crisis differently and they’ll all have different approaches to them. The great thing about these situations is that they open you up to change and how to face the worst possible things with a fresh perspective, especially when you have someone else on your end to help you work through the crisis.

Crises, like everything else in life can be overcome. Dedication and staying true to yourself, to your business aspirations, life goals and taking a step back to face everything that happens in daily life can prove to be a worthwhile venture. At Real Business, we believe in people, in our strength and our resilience to face the worst and make it the best. It is important that you remember that you’re not alone and that you can always lean on someone even when you feel it’s impossible. Accept and welcome the changes, take in tune with the process, and you’ll overcome!