In an ever-competitive market, it’s always a challenge to make your brand stand out. That’s why every marketing opportunity should be maximized given the chance, such as when you’re at an outdoor event that requires putting up your own booth or stall. When you know how and where to place your branding strategically, more potential customers will vividly remember your brand.

Why Use Branded Gazebos


In every outdoor event, your goal should be to get as much visibility as possible. Bear in mind that whenever you participate or attend any marketing event, not everyone will know your brand. Hence, it’s essential that you place your marketing effort in a way that people will set your company apart from its competitors.

That being said, consider buying a branded pop-up gazebo for your stall from TFH Gazebos. It’s not only a sturdy and lightweight focal point of your outdoor or indoor event, but it’s also an excellent way to introduce your identity as a brand. Since they’re really portable and easy to transport, you can bring your branding tool anywhere and anytime you need.

Moreover, customizing the side panels of your gazebo is one great branding strategy that you can take advantage of. You can choose from a variety of sizes and accessories available that you can add to your shed so it’ll stand out even more. If you need to know more about branded gazebos for your next event, you can check out

Branding 101: Branded Is Better

With the multitude of stalls in a marketing event, the big question is how to make yours stand out from the rest. How do you make your potential customers notice your gazebo? What will it take for them to remember your brand even after the event is over and they’re already heading home?

If you’re asking these same questions, then the tips and ideas listed below might just help you out:

1. Add A Pop Of Colors

While a plain white or black gazebo may look classic and clean, it’s not going to get your booth noticed. It’s better to add a pop of colors that’ll make your structure look more eye-catching and head-turning at first glance.

Aside from printing your company logo and brand name in the gazebo itself, you can also consider banners, flags, and signs near the entrance of your booth. Incorporate the colors of your logo and other dominant shades that you characterize in your brand.

2. Go All Out With A Backdrop

Some marketers or business owners think that a pop-up tent is enough when advertising at outdoor trade shows, concerts, or any other open space event. They tend to forget that outdoor space can still work as an indoor one when trying to strategize your offline brand marketing. One good tip to follow when organizing a marketing event is to picture out how you want your space to look.

Don’t be confined within the bare poles and structures of your gazebo. Instead, think outside the box and look for ways to innovate and decorate. You can consider putting a backdrop that showcases your brand name, mission, and vision.

Additionally, you may also opt to add other elements in your backdrop, depending on what type of business or products you have. It could be fresh flowers, string lights, native materials, among others. Neon signs are also another accessory that you can add to your backdrop to make your branded gazebo stand out even more.

3. Blast Up The Music


After the sense of sight has been stimulated, you shouldn’t let your potential customers go off the hook. You were already successful at catching their attention through colorful banners and an interesting backdrop. Now, attract them even more through lively music that’s loud and catchy to the ears.

You can play your company’s jingle–emphasize the catchy phrase or a one-liner slogan that you have for your brand. If you don’t have a jingle, you can choose background music without lyrics just so they can see that you’re on your groove and ready to enter the scene.

4. Hand Out Promotional Giveaways

There’s nothing more attractive than promos and free stuff. If you’re selling products and items, consider giving out promotional samples so customers can try your brand. Your branded gazebo will surely stand out if people are already flocking around and waiting to be given their free samples and giveaways.

Aside from sample products from your company, you can also give out branded merchandise that has your business name on them. Samples to consider are tote bags, pens, notepads, and other similar items. Think of merchandise that’ll be useful to people and are more likely to be used on a daily basis. They’ll remember your company each time they use or even see the item you gave them.

In case you’re offering services, you can offer free trials or discounts when a prospect signs up. Not only will this marketing strategy attract new customers, but it’ll also make your stall popular. Then, take advantage of this chance to hand out flyers, leaflets, and business cards so people can find out more about your brand.

5. Use Outdoor Furniture For Your Gazebo


Outdoor furniture can greatly help in strengthening your brand identity, as well. One idea to try is to use chairs and umbrellas that are branded with your company’s logo and business name. Your gazebo will surely look cozier and more prepared when paired with a branded chair or umbrella. Not only will outdoor furniture serve as shelter and a comfortable tool for you and your staff, but they also invite people to linger in your stall.


Indoor and outdoor marketing events can be beneficial to your business in more ways than one. Aside from introducing your brand, you can also make sales, get more leads, and build new relationships with potential customers. Seize the opportunity by making your branded gazebo stand out from the rest.

You can try adding a pop of colors, using a creative and unique backdrop, playing some catchy music, using outdoor furniture, and giving out free samples and giveaways. Your branded gazebo is already awesome as it is, but with a few tweaks and a touch of creativity, you can maximize its potentials even more.