Timelines are a great way to plan and organize your thoughts, ideas, and events. Lately, it has become a vital tool for businesses and even students to use for project management or historical research. More and more people are starting to use timelines to stay on track and get things done in different aspects of their lives.

But with so many various timeline creators out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are 10 things you should look for in a timeline creator:

1. Ease of Use:

The best timeline maker will be easy to use and understand. They should have clear instructions on creating a timeline and adding events. Using a timeline creator should be intuitive and user-friendly. If the timeline creator may seem daunting, finding another one you could use easily without the other essential parts being compromised is best.

2. Flexibility of the timeline

The timeline creator should be flexible enough to allow you to change the order of events, add or remove events, and edit details about each event. Changing your plans is not uncommon, so a good timeline creator should accommodate them. The ability to easily change the order of events and the details that accompany them should be a priority.

3. Customizability of the timeline


The timeline creator should allow you to customize the appearance of your timeline. Customizing a timeline includes choosing the colors, font size, and layout. Customizing the look of your timeline will help you make it unique and personal. Apart from aesthetics, customizing your timelines allows you to represent your data better.

4. Ability to share with other users

The timeline creator should allow you to share your timeline with others. Sharing the timeline could be done by exporting it as an image or PDF or sharing it online. Sharing your timeline will allow you to get feedback from others and collaborate on your project. Some online timeline creator can also be shared with others directly. The ability to share your timeline, mainly if used in a group project or business where others would need the timeline to do their tasks correctly, becomes a vital characteristic of a timeline creator you should ensure.

5. Ability to collaborate with others

Apart from sharing with other users, the timeline creator should allow you to collaborate with others on your timeline. Collaborating could be done by sharing the timeline online or giving others access to edit the timeline. Collaborating on a timeline will help you get input from others and stay organized. Some timeline creators even have real-time collaboration features that let multiple people work on the same timeline simultaneously.

6. Ability to add different events


The timeline creator should allow you to add various types of events. Different events that you may include in your timeline could be things like dates, milestones, tasks, and notes. Whether using the timeline creator for your business or personal life, you will inevitably have different events you want to include. Adding different events will help you keep your timeline organized and informative.

7. Compatibility of the timeline creator with multiple devices

The timeline creator should be compatible with the devices you use. Compatibility of a timeline includes things like being able to access the timeline creator on your computer, phone, and tablet. Some timeline creators are web-based, while others need to be downloaded as an app. Make sure the timeline creator you choose works with the devices you use.

8. Free

There are many great free timeline maker available. However, Some free online timeline maker can have paid features as an add-on. Decide what features are most important to you, and choose a timeline creator that meets your needs.

9. Ability to create multiple timelines


The timeline creator should allow you to create multiple timelines. Creating multiple timelines could be helpful if you want to compare different projects or track the progress of a long-term project. Having multiple timelines will also show how different events relate to each other. Being able to integrate multiple timelines can be a valuable feature.

10. Ability to have the timeline printed

The timeline creator should allow you to print your timeline. Being able to print your timeline could be helpful if you need to present your timeline to others or hang it up in an office or home. Printing your timeline will help you ensure it is readable and can be seen by everyone who needs to see it. Some people also prefer a hard copy of the timeline rather than an online version, as they find it easier to use and refer to.

A poster maker and a timeline creator are two great tools that you can use together to create an engaging and informative presentation. A poster maker allows you to quickly and easily create eye-catching visuals, while a timeline creator helps you to organize information chronologically. These two tools can help you create a dynamic and compelling presentation when used together. For example, you could use the poster maker to create a visually striking background and then use the timeline creator to add important dates, events, or milestones. You could also use the poster maker to create infographics or visualizations of data and then use the timeline creator to illustrate how that data has changed over time. You can create a truly engaging and informative presentation using these two tools in tandem.



When choosing a timeline creator, it is essential to consider your needs. Many great timeline creators are available, so take the time to find one that is right for you. With so many options available, you are sure to find a timeline creator that meets your needs and helps you stay organized. If you are searching for a great timeline creator, or other templates such as poster maker and other infographics, sign up today at Venngage!