You start imagining your own dream house when you look at the gorgeous pictures of designer homes on Pinterest or in magazines and catalogs. When you’re selling you’re offering your own house for sale, that is the exact image you need to portray of your property to the public and try to make it look as attractive as possible so that people are willing to pay more for your property.

A huge mansion would lose a huge chunk of its value if you post pictures of dusty floors and dirty walls on a listing website, while a freshly painted and brightly lit apartment would seem more attractive and worth spending on to potential buyers. That is the main concept of staging a house before selling it in order to get a good price for it.

What is Home Staging?


Home staging is the process of dressing your home up and making it look more appealing to the general public by adding décor, fancy furniture, and getting a fresh coat of paint. Home staging can be referred to as a marketing tactic that can do wonders for a deal and can make up for the shortcomings of even the gloomiest and dullest of homes.

Staging helps showcase the strong points of a house, attract potential buyers, and get a good price for the property. Aesthetic photographs and videos of a staged home are what appeal the most to buyers on multiple listing services and help your home stand out from thousands of other options.

How to Perfectly Stage a House


Home staging requires a good sense of interior designing and an eye for attractive elements. If you think you don’t have the required skills to design an attractive interior, it is best to hire someone or ask for professional advice for staging your home before listing it for sale. Real Estate Agents mostly recommend you to use your existing furniture if you’re living on the property yourself in order to save money.

However in case the property is not occupied or you don’t own attractive furniture, you can always find plenty of professional home stagers that can provide furniture and décor on rent for a small fee that would present your home in a much more pleasing form to the clients. This also allows clients to get an idea of how they could design the house for themselves after they purchase it and how it would look fully furnished.

It is important to remember that you are not targeting a specific individual or group of people when preparing the home. The house should have a modern and decent look to the general public, adding in too many fancy things or designing it with dull colors and décor would make it even less attractive than without any furniture.

You also have the option to segment the rooms with a theme, lets say a house of 3 bedrooms can have the master bed designed for mature adults or a couple, one room is designed for small kids and one is staged as a room for guests. When a buyer is looking for a new home, their top priority is for spacious rooms that can adjust a lot of furniture without looking too cluttered and still have enough space to walk around in.

The layout design of the furniture in a room can do wonders for managing the space. You need to be able to realign your furniture and showpieces in order to give the illusion of a spacious room without compromising on the amount of items that can fit in. Instead of placing a huge bed in the center of the room and surround it with chairs and closets, try to work your way around the walls and properly align your windows to give the room a cleaner and spacious look

When clients visit the home, they try to imagine themselves living in the home. You need to make sure that you don’t miss out on even the tiniest of details that would throw them off and make the house look less attractive. The aroma of a house is one of the most underestimated things when listing a house for sale.

If a house has been vacant for too long, a stale aroma, dusty rooms, spider webs and insects tend to surround the house. These are small things that leave a really bad impression on the clients. Hence it cannot be emphasized enough on how important it is to keep the house clean before a potential buyer visits the house. The use of air fresheners or reed diffusers can help give the house a pleasant aroma and a livelier vibe.

Is Home Staging Worth the Hassle?


It all comes down to how effective home staging can be for landing a good deal on the house considering its costs and required efforts. Well one thing for certain that home staging leaves a very good impression of the seller on the clients as they become well aware of how well maintained the house has been kept.

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According to recent surveys, a staged home sells for 17% more than one that isn’t staged. Upon that, staged homes have also been found to sell a staggering 87% faster and take as less as 11 days to land a deal with a potential buyer. With those statistics, the investment of staging a home is definitely worth the time and extra costs which are essentially earned back along with a profit.

Home staging is only one of the strategies incorporated by real estate sellers to improve the effectiveness of property deals. If you’re eager to learn more tricks on how to effectively manage your properties and land better deals, we highly encourage you to take a short course from a real estate school such as The Fortune Academy that offers easy and flexible online real estate courses using professional lecturers and modern academic tools. You can also use these courses to apply for a real estate license if you wish to continue a career in the real estate business and earn good money.