It is the age of technology and new inventions taking over the old ones. The age of paper is gone and nowadays everything is digitized and completely based on the digital form of data. Manual payroll entries have now become a traditional method of record-keeping as they have been taken over by the modernized digital transformations.

Just like all the other things technology is also transforming the old methods of payroll calculation and management. The payroll experts must adapt to the change in trends of technology and should enhance their knowledge to an advanced level that goes beyond the basic learnings.

Modern technology is the most basic thing nowadays for the success of an advanced payroll system. But changing the manual system and moving toward using a modern payroll management system with automating as well as integration and digitalization of payroll. however, this transformation would need seer hard work and understanding to achieve a certain level of fluency in digital work.

So, the data is still a rather new thing for Payroll Management. You can check out Bayzat for more info.


Most of the global organizations and companies have been slow to adapt to the new advanced payroll techniques like cloud computing as they refrain from using this technique in complex business areas like finance as well as the calculation and management of the payroll with it.

The major reason behind that is their concern about privacy and cost but as the technology is taking over it is impossible not to pay attention to the automated system that is more accurate as well as efficient. The workload of the designated heads reduces and can work more comfortably as well.

The speed of payroll operations reduces the big risks like compliance issues making it easier for the workers to perform their duties. the payroll management system helps enhance the efficiency of work and increases productivity.

The big organizations all around the globe are using 3 techniques in the management of their payroll all around the world. These techniques are:

  1. Cloud computing
  2. Mobile computing
  3. Big Data Analytics

These are the three most commonly deployed techniques that MNCs use for their payroll management. The impact of these three methods is noticeable in companies/businesses that have already applied them. So let’s discuss them one by one,

Cloud computing


Cloud computing has numerous benefits in payroll processing but the two major benefits are its cost-effectiveness meaning it’s cheap and the other benefit is its flexibility as it has a lot of operations for flexible payroll processing.

With the growth of an organization or a company, it can easily expand the services of cloud they are getting as it does not require any sort of equipment or manpower to so. Moreover, with the feature of cloud computing that is to automate routine software, you do not have to bother with manual software updates.

Cloud computing has manual data check-ups and backups that make it really secure as data is always secured in case of any misfortune or accident or breach of any company laws. This feature of cloud computing is very beneficial for small-sized businesses as they have little finance as well as fewer IT functions in their company.

The other benefit of cloud computing is its ability that the cloud-based payroll management software to aid organizations with hectic things like tax compliance making reports and record-keeping very easy and efficient.

Mobile Computing


The mobile application industry is rapidly growing and everything even the businesses are application-based nowadays. Many workers are learning to use how to send information to each other through their mobile phones using the application or how to update and enter other data.

It is a rapidly rising area of payroll management and many companies are already using mobile applications nowadays that enable and help their workers to keep track of the older pay cheques as well as the new ones. In this application-centric business era, having a business app is more convenient and easier.

It also helps the big organizations to keep track of time as well as managing the file expenses reports managing making changes in the withholdings and many other lots of things that come with mobile computing as well.

The companies that use to have the remotely working employees was the first one to use this technique as they need to stay in touch with their employees and with this technique, they were able to provide them with necessary information as well.

This method will surely be used a lot more by the other companies as well and many HR Departments of renowned multinational corporations are also using this method more nowadays to interact more with their employees as well as targeting their millennial workers.

Big Data Analytics


Several multinational corporations are processing through the payroll data and the data that is provided by the human resource HR department to increase the revenues as well as reducing the costs etc.

The payroll data is like a treasure to the organization because using it they can easily analyze all their expenses for example the company can use the payroll data to calculate how much money they paid to employees who were working overtime and if the overtime was profitable or not for them. The combination of HR data with a payroll management system helps create a better strategy regarding employee turnover, payments, attendance, and many more.

Many companies take help from the data analytics tool to get insights about managing their expenses and shaping their next marketing strategy as well. So basically, these technology trends are transforming the payroll management system.