Hearing loss affects more and more people each year. Many young Americans and elders suffer from loss of hearing and don’t know where to turn for help.

Medical hearing aids are the first thing that comes to mind, but also come with a hefty price tag. But there are other solutions and devices you can use to improve your hearing without breaking the bank or paying hefty insurance fees. Companies like Blue Angels Hearing provide some of the best fitting rechargeable hearing aids on the market at an affordable price.

The Effect Technology has on Hearing


Our lifestyles have changed from all the advancement in technology and that’s affecting our lives in many different ways.

To start, many of us have grown up with a smartphone and headphones attached to our ears during most of the day. We go to school with earphones listening to music and answer calls with Bluetooth headsets driven deep into our ear canal. All these have driven the rate of hearing loss to their highest levels ever.

According to “Approximately 2-3 of every 1,000 children in the United States are born with a detectable hearing loss in one or both ears. Fifteen percent of school-age children (6-19) have some degree of hearing loss. 30 million Americans age 12 and older has hearing loss in both ears.”

Modern Solutions to Minor Hearing Loss


Hearing loss starts off slowly and we kind of get used to it over time. You can really tell the difference after you’ve taken a hearing exam or tried a hearing aid device. But who has the time or money for these expensive and lengthy doctor visits?

Below are some quick solutions to minor hearing loss you can try on your own.

Ear wax removal: Our ears produce ear wax that can clog up and cause minor hearing loss. You can purchase over the counter solutions that will clear up ear wax build-ups in your ears. The results will vary and you may need more than one treatment to improve your hearing.

Hearing amplifier: These are devices that resemble hearing aids, but don’t require a doctor visit or prescription. You can buy them online or from a local pharmacy and see results immediately. To help you choose the right one, you can find great reviews of the “Best Hearing Amplifiers” here.

Use “Airpods” as Hearing Aids: Many of us have smartphones and iPhones, but if you’ve upgraded recently to the latest version “Airpods” you are in luck! You can find guides online that show you how to turn your iPhone along with your “Airpods” into hearing aids.

Professional Help: Finally you should consider professional help if none of the solutions mentioned above help improve your hearing. An ear nose throat specialist can perform tests to detect any hidden problems causing your hearing loss.

If you are suffering from minor hearing loss, don’t worry, you are not alone. Treating it can start from a simple doctor visit and some professional tests. But if you want to avoid all that hassle and looking for a quick fix, be sure to try some of the solutions mentioned above.