Before automated systems, running businesses was a nightmare. Even the most forward-thinking companies felt bogged down by a string of manual operations and coordinating efforts, often leading to wasted-time and frustrating inconsistencies. Fortunately, businesses can now rely on enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to automate, simplify, and streamline critical processes.

Whether you’re a large corporation with numerous departments to juggle, like HR, inventory management, and accounting, or you’re a small business with a few dedicated team members, you can benefit from resource planning software. ERP systems integrate day-to-day functions along with more extensive tasks, employing your business with efficient operations, reduced overheads, heightened customer experience, and increased data security.

Traditionally, developers designed ERPs to support manufacturing, but now they’re deployed in almost every industry worldwide. With increased demand, tech companies have created various ERP solution software allowing for increased usage and implementation. However, one system sticks out above the rest: SAP.

SAP operates on a global scale, backing enterprises of all types and sizes, enabling unique customizations, and offering user-friendly services. But how can you optimize your SAP environment as you future proof your business? When supported by trusted technologies like this, SAP ERP offers businesses unrivaled operating system performance.

Running SAP with traditional IT


SAP ERP provides top-notch digital transformation by combining operational data with customer experience. When you employ operating solutions like SAP, you improve your products and stand out from the competition.

While SAP ERP software helps streamline business operations, numerous companies make the mistake of running SAP on traditional, outdated IT infrastructure. As a result, these businesses don’t get the best out of SAP ERPs.

In today’s competitive landscape, where stakes are high, businesses have a penchant for on-time data to capitalize on opportunities and beat the competition. Using traditional IT to operate SAP solutions can lead to delayed service and inadequate support, making it challenging for them to adapt to dynamic business environments.

Traditional architecture lacks the growing and organizational functions that SAP solutions provide. Additionally, classic IT doesn’t take advantage of new technologies like IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI), setting them behind the competition.

When integrating traditional IT with new technologies, managers often face difficulty balancing service delivery and maintaining reliability. As a result, businesses fall prey to outages and security breaches, which are costly and destroy corporation’s reputations.

Running SAP with open-source


To take full advantage of your SAP ERP, ditch traditional and outdated IT technologies and opt for open-source solutions instead. When you utilize a reliable, trusted platform, you increase stability, reliability, management solutions.

A robust Linux platform to support SAP solutions.

Whether it’s SAP HANA, SAP Business One, or SAP S/4HANA, your Linux system should support faster deployment and optimized performance.

Live patching technology

Live-patching technology enables you to update your kernels with minimal interruption. With the right cutting-edge technology, you can update your Linux kernels without rebooting your systems, minimizing business disruptions.

A robust open-source infrastructure management solution

As your IT team manages Linux systems across various platforms, they’ll experience a streamlined process, avoiding system complexities and out-of-control operations.

Enterprise-class management solutions:

At their core, enterprise-class management solutions enable your IT crew to accelerate application delivery, manage numerous teams, and scale-out container-based applications.

If you’re stuck in the past utilizing your legacy ERP system, it may be time to transition to a more intelligent, modern approach. For instance, if you are running on SAP R/3 solutions based on NetWeaver, you can join over 7,500 customers live on SAP S/4HANA, with hundreds more joining every other month.

This way, you will take advantage of a simplified model with reduced redundancies. Again, with inbuilt-machine learning capabilities, SAP S/4HANA automates your crucial business processes, relieving your employees from performing repetitive tasks.

Benefits of using a trusted, open-source platform


While there are many infrastructure platforms, you should opt to run your SAP ERP on a trusted, reliable vendor for faster deployment, reduced downtime, seamless transition, and access to innovative updates.

Simple, modern, and fast

When you run your SAP ERP with a trusted, SAP-certified Linux platform, your business will enjoy flexibility and speed when delivering services. Additionally, SAP ERP solutions reduce complex system errors while skyrocketing customer satisfaction as fewer system failures will occur.

An open-source platform supports your expanding operations by modernizing how you deploy and manage container-based applications. Innovative management solutions like SAP ERPs help you adapt to the ever-changing business demands.

Additionally, by running your SAP software on a trusted platform, your service delivery becomes faster, whether via cloud or on-premises sites. As such, you can implement new business initiatives faster, setting your business apart from the competition.

Finally, since a trusted platform has state-of-the-art automation tools, you save on the cost of switching to Linux platforms. To meet quality standards when executing a smooth transition, you need a robust automation tool that can perform the below functions:

  • Test execution
  • Test tracking
  • Collaboration

Additionally, an automation tool that considers the cost of maintenance, change management, skill set required, impact analysis, and technical support beyond SAP comes in handy in optimizing SAP solutions.

Focus on innovation and improve service delivery


By running your SAP software with a trusted open-source, you can take advantage of new opportunities. How so? Fast-paced innovation efforts help you design products that resonate with consumer needs.

Furthermore, with adequate support, downtime is reduced significantly, improving customer experience. And lastly, a trusted vendor helps you manage workloads and costs, which support your digital transformation journey.

Final word


Now that technology transformation has become a do-or-die proposition for most enterprises, selecting the appropriate ERP is no longer a luxury. Fortunately, with SAP, digital transformation in business is within reach, whether large or small. To reap maximum benefits from SAP, partner with a trusted platform that helps you cater to current and future business needs. This way, whether you need private, public, or on-premises support, you’ll receive faster, safer, and efficient services.