Strategies to Grow an Accounting Firm

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a passion for numbers and a dream of building a successful accounting firm from scratch. You’re not alone in this pursuit; thousands of individuals like you aspire to make their mark in the bustling world of finance and advisory services.

However, you need more than just passion to convert it into success, especially amidst tough competition. As of 2024, there are already 88,652 accounting services businesses in the US, according to IBISWorld. You might be thinking, “But with so much competition already out there, is it even possible?” It absolutely is!

In this blog, we are going to share some invaluable strategies that will empower you to build and grow your accounting firm from ground zero.

Hire Interns for Accelerated Growth

Hire Interns for Accelerated Growth


Hiring interns can be a powerful driver for the growth of your accounting firm. Tapping into the power of interns means you can infuse your team with fresh perspectives and enthusiastic talent.

One significant advantage of hiring interns is their potential for long-term loyalty and retention within your company. As they become more familiar with your firm’s values, work culture, and clients, interns are more likely to develop a deep-rooted connection to your company. This loyalty often translates into their desire to continue working with your firm beyond their internship.

Interns are known to be more loyal than new hires, enabling business owners to focus on the bottom line than indulge in a vicious cycle of recruitment. This statement is supported by the 2021 Internship & Co-op Survey Report. The report revealed that internal interns were found to have a 32% higher likelihood of retention compared to new hires without internship experience.

The Role of Technology and Automation


In the ever-evolving landscape of accounting, leveraging technology and automation has become a necessity for accounting firms aiming to achieve efficiency and scalability. Being at the helm of an accounting firm, you can implement the
below-given tools to propel growth.

Embrace Time and Billing Software for Streamlined Operations

In the digital era, time is of the essence, and accurate billing is crucial for the success of your accounting firm. Tools that streamline time and billing aspects are known as time and billing software or sometimes simply referred to as time billing software.

According to Mango Practice Management, these tools can handle various functions such as time and expense tracking, e-payments, invoicing, and reporting, among others. With real-time insights into billable hours and expenses, these tools can optimize your billing process, improve cash flow, and provide transparent and timely invoices to your clients.

Implement Automation to Boost Productivity

Automation is a transformative force when it comes to improving productivity and scalability within your accounting firm. When you automate monotonous tasks, you can free up your team’s precious time to focus on high-value activities.

With the advancements in technology, accountants now have access to powerful tools that enable them to provide a higher level of service and engagement with their clients. In a recent survey, it was found that 82% of accountants believe that technology helps them foster better client interactions.

Craft a Winning Marketing Plan

Craft a Winning Marketing Plan

A well-crafted marketing plan can help your accounting firm gain a firm position in the competitive accounting industry. When you have a reliable marketing strategy, you can effectively communicate your unique value proposition and attract potential clients who align with your firm’s expertise and services.

Even in today’s digital age, traditional marketing methods like brochures remain valuable. They continue to serve as an efficient means of promoting your firm and educating the target audience about your pricing model and other services.

The Growth Outlook survey revealed that despite the increasing emphasis on digital marketing, over 60% of companies planned to invest in marketing materials like brochures in 2022. The survey also found that over 70% of companies are planning to increase their investments in compensating marketers. The findings indicate a surging focus and investment in marketing activities by accounting firms.

Build Strong Client Relationships

Establishing robust client relationships is essential for the prosperity and advancement of your accounting firm. The cornerstone of nurturing these connections and cultivating enduring loyalty lies in delivering exceptional service.

One important aspect of exceptional service is personalization which plays a key role in building strong client relationships. Spend some time to understand the distinct circumstances of each client and adjust your services accordingly. Deliver tailored solutions and offer proactive guidance that is in alignment with their specific objectives and obstacles.


No matter the business, personalization is valued by every individual as it makes them feel valued and special. This is backed by a Gartner survey which indicated customer expectations for personalized service interactions increased significantly.

As per the survey findings, a majority of customers wanted companies to have knowledge of their personal information during service interactions. Specifically, 71% of B2C customers and 86% of B2B customers emphasized the importance of this knowledge. As the owner of an accounting firm, you can leverage this statistic and make personalized a priority to build strong and long-term client relationships.

Forge Strategic Alliances for Collaborative Growth

In the competitive landscape of the accounting industry, forging strategic alliances can be a game-changer for the growth of your accounting firm. Collaborating with complementary businesses and professionals can open doors to new opportunities, expand your client base, and enhance your service offerings.


In your pursuit of strategic alliances, search for partners who target the same market as you but provide complementary services. Joining forces with these businesses can help you tap into their network and leverage their expertise to create mutually beneficial collaborations. For example, partnering with a financial planning firm or a legal practice can provide a comprehensive suite of services to your clients.

Strategic partnerships have the potential to assist accounting firms in offering new services or entering alternative market segments. This is particularly crucial in a period where average revenue growth stagnated at 5.7%, the lowest it has been in eight years, as reported by the latest Rosenberg Survey.


Growing an accounting firm from ground zero is a challenging but rewarding journey. When you implement the right strategies, you can lay a solid foundation for success and position your firm for sustainable growth.

This blog explored key strategies that can accelerate your firm’s growth, including hiring interns, leveraging technology and automation, developing a solid marketing plan, building strong client relationships, and forging strategic alliances.

Make these strategies your top-most priorities, tailor them to fit your unique circumstances and embark on your journey of growth with confidence.