Property management business is becoming increasingly popular as more amor people fixate on real estate and acquiring property. Property management is very different from the real estate business which is why anyone interested in running that business needs to follow certain steps. Property management requires looking after the property owned by an individual or a company.

These properties can be located in residential, commercial and industrial areas. Any landlord can hire property managers for better care of the real estate. Management of a house includes proper cleaning, collecting rent, and engaging in repairs around the house. In this article we will be mentioning some tips that can help an individual start a property management system from the ground up.

Research Into Existing Companies

Getting an idea of how other companies are managing their business practices will give you a fair idea of how the industry functions. It is also a great practice to analyze your competition and then take steps to be a better service provider. Proper market research into the industry will help in understanding the normal practices of the industry.

You can also take notes from the operations of your competition to understand how they maintain a loyal client base. Look at the list of their services as well as their pricing structure to model your own practices accordingly. Looking at their client base and demographic they cater to and whether it overlaps with your demographic. You can consider taking help of services like Alphaletz for property management for landlords.

Pick a Brand Name and Logo


After your basic market research is done, it is time to get it registered with the authorities. The company you are starting out needs a proper legal name in order for it to be registered as a separate legal entity. You are creating a brand so it is important to choose something which matches the services you provide and is related to the industry you are in.

The brand name should match with the logo as well which will be used as a unique sign with which people would associate your brand. There are two ways in which you make a label for your brand. You can either design it yourself based on any idea you have or hire a graphic designer for the same,

After you create the name you will have to make a website for your business. The name you chose has to be unique so that there is no legal issue related to the authenticity of yru road. Make use of the search engine to find existing brand names and to ensure that yours is unique. One way in which you can select the right name is by searching according to the domain name. You can pick the right domain name based on availability so that interested clients can search for services directly.

Choose the Type of Business Entity

When you have finalized a name, the main purpose for it is to register the company as a separate legal entity. However, there are different types of legal entities that you can register as. If you register your business as a sole proprietorship it will not need a separate legal entity from the business owner. The process and losses will be included in the tax return of the owner.


Partnership is chosen when there are two or more people cleaning ownership of a business and income on personal taxes. Partners are liable to process but also losses. In a Limited Liability Company, board members get limited liability in case they are sued. It is chosen for limited financial and legal liability. A corporation is where the legal entity of the owner and the business is separate and all the taxes will be filed separately.

Create a Business Plan

When it comes to starting with any business, you need to have a strong plan to fall back upon. There needs to be a strong foundation which supports your business decisions. You need to create a business plan which is specifically tailored to facilitate the company’s growth.

You need to have a vision of the company which will then need to be executed with the help of specific steps. The goals you set will determine the speed and efficiency of your plan. The first thing you need to do is make a  general structure which will follow a path to your short term and long term objectives. Landlord resources will help you plan better when it comes to property management.

Make a Separate Bank Account

It is important to keep your business in personal bank accounts separate for better financial management. Open to getting a separate credit card for your business. If your business is a separate legal entity because then the bank account can be taken out in the name of the corporation. Since it is a separate financial entity the lease agreements and security deposits will also be separate from your personal finances.

Get All the Licenses and Permits


Permits you get for your business depend on the state regulations where your company will be registered. Property owners will always ask for licenses in permits from property management companies which is why it is always important to stay up to date. The first thing you need to do is get the property management license, which is a requirement in some states.

The individual might also have to pass a property management license exam for which you will have to prepare in advance. Real estate brokers’ licence is often asked by landlords and you will have to give an exam for this as well. The last requirement is a leasing agent license which is related to the operations and activities in the real estate market.

The Takeaway

Make sure to have a check on all of the tips mentioned about and establish your business in a location where your target customer demographic is based. Location matters a lot along with proper advertising which needs to be both through offline broadcasting and through digital media marketing.