It’s no exaggeration when we say that running a business can be an extremely stressful task to keep up. Especially when you have to make sure that every bit and piece you have in your “factory” run to their optimal capability, it gets a little easier when you have other people in your team. Still, it might even be another thing to manage them!

So why not turn your head towards software that can make your job so much easier – not without expense, of course! Sparing a little on an investment could go a long way for your business. With tasks such as managing your workforce, client interaction, appointment reminding, etc, you’ll surely see how this investment can turn out. With that said, here are some tools you can use with your business.



If you’re seeking a client tracker that puts all of your data together and even visualizes it, then look no further; Weave is your solution! Weave is extremely helpful when dealing with all of your clients since all you have to do is program the automated text messages sent to them! Which can be a payment reminder, an appointment reminder, or it could even be a birthday greeting!

Weave can act as your secretary to remind you that clients still haven’t scheduled an appointment or even need to catch up with their payments. Weave even provides you with the details of the clients(such as their name, a picture, and engagement history) that you can’t currently engage with, so you can send a more detailed response when you get the time.

Now if you want to gather all of your data from the past or up until recently, Weave can easily accomplish that for you! If you want to see the history of your business – client and transaction-wise, it can all be put into a simplified chart for you. You know, since visuals are great for anyone and everyone which then makes seeing trends and changes much easier.



Don’t be deceived by the name; MailChimp is an exceptional complete marketing website for your small business – though it did start as an email marketing service. MailChimp has many websites, postcards, and landing pages to offer for your marketing which can come at an affordable price or even for free! So if you’re down on a budget, then this is a big up!

MailChimp’s free software offers an easygoing service for those who are still new to email marketing. They give you premade templates for your emails and signup forms, and audience segmentation, all with simple personalization so you can still add finishing touches. MailChimp’s users also get an app on their phones that allows them to monitor their campaign performances!

Getting your small business out to the world is key when wanting to do well! You can’t really get many clients if you don’t advertise your brand and company. Getting marketing campaigns out for your business, the sooner you can, the better because you’ll be able to thrive much quicker too!



Freshteam is where you’re going to want to go if you want to get a handful of skilled employees on your team! Using Freshteam, you can easily post jobs and screen for resumes. You could even send offer letters to some applicants you’re tracking or post available positions on job boards like LinkedIn, Adzuna, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter!

You’re going to need a handpicked team if you want to have people covering your back. It’s even better if you can browse through as many as you want faster than when you would actually screen for applicants in real life! Once you’ve hired an employee, then Freshteam will send them all of the required paperwork that they can sign, internal documents, employee handbooks, and of course, a welcome letter!



After setting up your team, you’re going to want to find a way to effectively communicate with them faster without all of the time delays that emails have – which is where Slack comes in. Slack can create different text channels that can be centered around certain topics, projects, teams, and even clients! The channels then can be set as public or private ones, where the private channels require an invitation to join!

Which team wouldn’t want to cut back on the time delays, right? If you want a job done as soon as possible, then you’re going to want real-time communication! Other than that, Slack also offers the embedding of attachments into their messages and the creation of polls to reach a decision and even scheduled meetings!

Talking to your employees or team members in a much more relaxed form can even make it easier for them! There’s less pressure when communicating via real-time chatting since there’s no need to put much effort when replying – compared to constructing sophisticated emails, right?



How are potential clients going to find you if you don’t have a website? Wix has got you covered in that department! Don’t worry; Wix is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand website builder that even those who aren’t tech wizards could use! It’s as easy as just dragging and dropping elements into the web page, wherever feels right – better to leave it to a web designer that you hired!

Wix is pretty much the full package for website building if you’re just starting. They even have a logo maker if you want to fully incorporate your “branding” into the website. It’s a service they provide so that you don’t have to stay in an artist’s block; their logo designer will make sure your logo fits your brand’s image.


It’s important that you try to fill out all of the nooks and crannies your small business has. With the assistance of all these software, it’s going to make your life as a business owner so much easier since you have the help of those around you and those that are just within a screen away!