Developing and growing a small business takes time, effort, and strategy. Whatever your market or industry may be, there are always nuances to proper business planning. As the year comes to a close, looking at how to increase future profits is essential. You might need some pointers going into 2024.

Below are some of the best tips from industry experts on small business. Try some of these out and see what they can do for your company.

Give Clients Something to Trust


One of the most significant hurdles for new companies to leap over is gaining trust. Clients like to work with companies they know will deliver quality services and products. More clients means more cash flow as well as portfolio material.

Gaining client trust takes time, as it requires building up a portfolio of prior work. There are shortcuts, though, that can help you gain clients’ trust. One of these shortcuts is becoming licensed.

For contractors and other similar small businesses, getting certified gives your business a leg up. Licensing means that you have a stamp of approval on your business. You are more likely to receive marketing from larger, higher-paying clients.

Getting licensed in Arizona is not the same as earning certification in New York. Research your laws before signing up for any prep courses. Once you commit to getting licensed, expect this extra step to bring client trust in the coming year. If you need help preparing for you NASCLA exam then check out!

Try Direct Marketing Strategies

One way to increase potential leads to new clients as a small business is direct marketing. This refers to the process of communicating deals and offers direct to prospective clients. For a startup or small business, this is incredibly useful. It allows you to control the size of the net you cast. This way, you can ensure you have the resources to respond and react to all interactions appropriately.

Rolling out a major marketing campaign as a small business can lead to trouble if you don’t have resources to handle the influx of clientele. With direct marketing, you can scale your reach to your abilities, without surprises and wild cards.

Direct marketing allows you to use your resources efficiently. You can target directly to clients you believe would be interested in your offer. You will, therefore, see a higher conversion rate with fewer resources expended. The analysis of which is useful in bringing new clients and which didn’t can help future marketing campaigns. For a small company, data of this nature can help you more efficiently market with your budget and abilities.

Curate Your Team Carefully


With a small business, staff can make or break your company. From client relations to innovation and growth, your team impacts every success and failure of the business. Ensuring that your staff are incentivized to work hard, and given the space to innovate and build, is essential.

Just like every other aspect of your small business, your staff can be streamlined, optimized, and grown. Try developing your employees’ skills and qualifications as they work for you. Encourage them to innovate and take a stake in building the company together.

A staff that doesn’t respect or understand the mission is less likely to give one hundred and ten percent on every project. Be sure to clarify overall goals, share in successes, keep your team motivated, and build a staff with varied skills and talents. These elements are often pushed to the side to focus on other things, but if taken seriously, they can help your growth and profits immensely.

Build Your Brand Online

In the same line as trust, clients like to work with a company they recognize. Brand recognition is easy to work on, with dozens of online marketing techniques. Outfit your business with some of the best new digital marketing strategies to improve your web presence and build your brand.

One of the best ways to improve brand visibility is through search engine optimization. This is a method of getting your site to rank higher on search engine results pages. With a higher ranking, you can drive more reader traffic to your website, and therefore improve profits.

Another way to build your brand is through cohesive customer relations. Be sure that the face you provide to the company is consistent in fulfilling your promises. Whether you are a hometown family business or a high-end luxury design company, be sure that everything you show to the client fits with your image.

Know-How to Spend


The old saying goes that you need to spend money to make money. Random spending, though, has no significant benefit. Know where to invest your funds so you can drive profit your way. If you have a small business, you may not have immense startup capital. For this reason, you should invest in small ways. Find guaranteed ways to bring in at least some of that money back.

One excellent investment is design. Hiring designers and a marketing team to workshop your logo, website, and social media presence can legitimize your company quickly. Rather than rely on the time-consuming process of building a portfolio and gaining traction through word of mouth, consult the pros to cultivate your branding.

Another worthwhile investment is pro bono projects. While these may not bring in immediate cash, they provide networking and portfolio content. Lending your products or services to a charity function can help you to make a name for your company. Clients want to see your work and your past clients, and pro bono projects count!

The Bottom Line

Clients are looking to work with companies that they trust, with a known brand and a curated web presence. Getting licensed, direct marketing, curating your team, building your brand, and working with designers are all great ways to help your company grow.

  • The more your company grows, the more profitable it becomes.
  • More profits equal to more investment opportunities.
  • Money earned can be put back into the company to help you expand and grow into something more significant.

Try these tips this new year to help your company become sustainably profitable.