Your skills are in high demand if you are bilingual or even trilingual. Knowing Spanish or the other foreign language makes it possible to get on top of your career quicker than you could imagine.

English is the global language of business and trade, and many companies need people fluent in other languages to serve as translators and interpreters. Foreign-language speakers also have a competitive edge when getting jobs with international organizations or traveling abroad for work.

Knowledge of an additional language will favorably distinguish you from your colleagues. A specialist who knows the language can bring its company to the international market and study the market and communication of another country. This skill raises an employee’s salary significantly.

That is why speaking a foreign language can get you to the next level, and all you have to do now is find proper foreign language courses or start learning Spanish with the tutor (you can find more here) or the other foreign language on your own. These career paths might be perfect for you if you know another language besides English, so let’s take a look at them to decide what your career will be about!

1. Freelance Content Writer


Copywriting has gained immense popularity with the development of Internet professions. The Internet is flooded with professionals of this work, and a copywriter with knowledge of foreign languages ​​will stand out among colleagues.

This kind of specialist will be able to work in his country’s market and with publications from other countries. A vast field of activity opens up before a person since there is already much competition among not-speaking foreign-language colleagues.

The disadvantages of this profession are the same as in regular copywriting – not everyone can work as a freelancer. You should start your job search with foreign publications, including online magazines. It is essential to write several papers and prepare a resume sent to any journal you like. You can also pay attention to foreign labor exchanges.

2. Marketing Manager


A good marketer is worth its weight in gold, so it is vital to know a foreign language in this profession. It is first required to enter the international market, which is available only with the language skills of a marketer, for large companies.

Knowledge of an additional language will favorably distinguish a marketer from colleagues. A specialist who knows the language can bring sales to the international market and study the target audience of another country. This skill raises a marketer’s salary significantly.

You can search for marketing vacancies not only in large companies but also on freelancers’ platforms. Online sales also require competent marketing and business expansion outside the country. The specialist can work with clients remotely, especially now in COVID-19 times.

3. Journalist or a Correspondent


Knowledge of an additional language is essential in the modern world for journalists. For example, a reporter can significantly advance the career ladder if he starts reporting from another country.

It is essential to know the country’s language where the shooting will occur to work as a correspondent abroad. It is advisable to study the culture and political situation in the country to be objective. It is crucial to note that it is challenging to be a foreign correspondent in some countries due to censorship and a difficult political situation.

4. Embassy Worker


A prestigious but not particularly profitable occupation is working at the embassy. The difficulty is that there are few vacancies for this specialty; there are many candidates, and each of them gets under a rigorous selection process. The embassy requires employees of various fields – accountants, drivers, civil servants, assistants at international exams.

It is essential to have a proper higher education in international relations, which can be obtained at several universities in the country, for an embassy employee. The main requirement is proficiency in the language of the country where the embassy is located. You can be willingly taken to the consulates of developed countries.

5. City or Tour Guide

Knowledge of the language will be an undeniable advantage for the guide as well. The specificity of the work is that excursion groups often consist of foreigners, so a guide speaking a foreign language has advantages over the rest.

Knowledge of an additional language will help the guide get a job abroad. It is essential to know the humanities, organize people, and even provide first aid for this kind of work.

Wrap It Up

The world of career opportunities does not end on the list we mentioned if you speak a foreign language. We hope this article has given you some ideas and inspiration to explore your passion for languages and culture in new ways. With so many possibilities out there, it’s never too late or early to start building your skillset abroad and get a better career.