When it comes to protecting your business from break-ins and all kinds of dangers, there isn’t a better investment than shopfront roller shutters.

And while other benefits do exist, the primary service of roller shutters is to protect your business from intruders. If safety doesn’t convince you, we’re here to give you additional 7 reasons why you need to invest in shopfront roller shutters.

So with all that said, let’s start.

1.  Security


While we did touch on security, it’s important that we fully elaborate just how roller shutters protect your business.

Regardless of the size, roller shutters are extremely convenient to use and will prevent unwanted intruders from breaking into your business.

The way they protect our businesses is very smart. First off, they make it very difficult for intruders to pass through as you can lock them. Not only is the lock difficult to pick, but they make so much noise whenever someone tries to break in.

Simply said, unwanted intruders, will think twice before breaking into your business.

2.  Stopping Property Damage


There are all kinds of ways for intruders and vandals to cause our business monetary damage. Breaking in is one thing, but damaging the storefront is another. You’ve probably seen how vandalism can damage the storefront of a business. From graffiti to breaking windows, it only results in unnecessary and costly repairs.

If your business happened to be located in a particularly troubled neighborhood with plenty of troubled youth, then you’ve already been the target of such acts. By getting roller shutters for your storefront, you’ll be making sure that doesn’t happen again. Since roller shutters are very effective in preventing vandalism, it makes it a necessary investment that every business should consider.

3.  It Reduces Your Insurance


Everyone should have their businesses insured. But depending on the location of your business, certain insurance companies might be tempted against giving you favorable insurance rates. This usually results in high insurance costs.

But considering that insurance is a must for every business owner, what are the sort of things we can do to lower the costs? What business owners are finding out is that shopfront roller shutters may reduce insurance costs by as much as 20%.

Since they’re the best way for owners to protect their businesses, it will result in the insurance company paying much less for damages since there will be less damage done. If we put into consideration the previous two points, we can safely assume that your business will be much safer with a roller shutter than without.

Insurance companies also share the same view, so securing your shopfront with a high-quality roller shutter will make it much easier to get your business insured.

4.  Protection From the Elements


Vandals and burglars aren’t the only ones that can cause property damage. Bad weather and the elements can do that just as easily. Depending on which part of the world you live in, protection from the elements is a must.

This is so true that you might not be allowed to open for business if you don’t have proper insurance. And these companies will tell you exactly what to do to prevent the elements from causing all sorts of property damage.

One of the ways to protect your shopfront is by installing roller shutters. Since they’re a sort of a layer for your shopfront, they can take the bulk of the damage whenever a storm is approaching. They’re super durable and can withstand nearly everything the elements throw at your shopfront.

Adding to the fact that they’re crucial for protecting your business from human factors and it’s a no-brainer decision.

As suggested by, a company from Melbourne Australia, roller shutters can also protect from fire damage. They’re great for helping contain the fire within the building, and also for keeping it out.

5.  They’re Extremely Durable


We’ve talked plenty about how roller shutters can prevent break-ins, vandalism, and protect your business from the elements. That naturally makes them extremely durable, but just how much? It’s due to how they’re made as to why they’re so durable.

Unlike other means of protecting a storefront such as metal bars, you cannot get past roller shutters. You can try to drill, saw, or make holes big enough to fit you, but you’ll only cause so much noise someone is bound to call the police on you.

Add to the fact that no way could a burglar get in your store in such a short time and you’ve got yourself the best and most durable means of protecting your business.

6.  It Will Increase Aesthetics


Let’s talk about other reasons why you need to invest in roller shutters. Protection against all kinds of things is one thing, but making your store more aesthetically appealing is another.

The roller shutter industry has advanced so much recently. Nowadays, you can have custom-made roller shutters that will appeal to your business. You can also take them to a professional and have them print something on them.

This is all thanks to the rise of commercial roller shutters. The aesthetic qualities businesses owners are getting by installing one for their shopfront cannot be underestimated. They come in all colors and there are enough different styles to go around.

7.  They Can Be Automated


Technological advancements haven’t only made the roller shutter industry better looking. Just like automated garage doors, you can also buy automated roller shutters that close and open by pressing a button.

Some smart technology has also made breakthroughs in the industry. Smart roller shutters can be opened and closed by using your smartphone. While we’re still quite far from that, it should be mentioned that automated roller shutters are here to stay.


If you want them to last longer and be extra durable, then you’ll need to find quality products. Luckily for you, there is no shortage of quality-made roller shutters for your shopfront. If we add to the fact the 7 benefits we just talked about, we can safely assume that they’re a necessary investment that pays off.