Nowadays, there are endless mobile applications in the different Apps Stores, getting your application to have the visibility you need to increase your downloads and capitalize on it, it might seem like a titanic task.

However, it is essential to mention that through ASO positioning, which refers to App Store Optimization, this work becomes something much more manageable.

And this optimization technique that your App requires in different stores such as iOS or Google Play is the same as web positioning and SEO technique.

It is essential to mention that just like the content, as long as your App has greater visibility, it will be easier for users to find and download it.

But what determines ASO for a good positioning?


It is time to take note and start applying the following changes in your Apps so that your positioning improves:

– Name of the App: the main keyword must be in the name of the App so that it can be tracked accurately, but it is not only placed by placing … it must be striking, easy to remember, and according to what you offer.

– Description: the description will be your ally so that users understand what your App is about, answering the following questions in 4000 characters such as what is it, how do I use it, when do I use it? And where do I use it?

According to, the descriptions are handled differently for iOS than for Google Play, since for the first one, you must use keywords and synonyms; but for the second, you must seduce the client with what he reads to finalize the download.

– Name of the developer: to give a name to the developer of an App, it provides a more friendly and human face, and if it has more seniority and/or greater presence, the ranked also takes it into account.

– Category: it is very common for users to search by category, so do not forget to choose the one that best suits your application, so that they also find you in this way.

– Icon: I recommend you be original and easy to remember.

– Screenshots: it is essential to mention that their names must have the main keyword, that will help them find your App through them.

I also recommend that the captures you use show striking aspects of the App, so that it shows users that what they are about to download fits their expectations and needs.


– Reviews: the more positive comments your App has, the easier it is to get a high ranking, so do not neglect this part and take into account the comments made by users of your App.

The previous 7 points will help you perform the on-metadata, which are the ASO factors that we control at all times; Now we will talk about off-metadata, which are those external factors that we cannot control such as:

– The number of installations: which you can achieve through different channels such as organic, blog reviews, App campaigns, social media, email marketing, etc. But none of these channels will ensure an exact number of downloads; What it can show you is the positioning that the application has thanks to the downloads.

– The number of uninstallations:  these can occur due to many factors. However, you have to pay special attention so that the uninstallation percentage is not high so that the positioning is not affected.

You can use the following resource to generate links through social media, such as bringing traffic to it and giving it likes.

To conclude, if you want to position your App in any of the two Apps Stores, I recommend you develop an ASO strategy so that the App has greater visibility, better positioning, and above all, you achieve your download goal.