Photography is an art, and photographers are often underrated artists. Many people think having a camera is enough to be a photographer, but the more experienced know that this also requires talent and the ability to see art even in the most everyday things around us.

Photography is developing every day, and photographers are becoming more and more appreciated among people. Of course, the market is oversaturated, and sometimes you really need to take a different step for the talent to be recognized. If you’re a photographer who wants to do this, it’s time to create your portfolio.

But how does that portfolio get to those who need it?

The solution is specialized websites that use a template for photographers. Of course, if you want, you can build a new site to manage yourself. You have so many options, depending on how much time you have to devote to your site.

To make your job easier, we decided to make a list of website builders that will help you build online authority and be found by potential customers as easily as possible.

1. Squarespace


Squarespace is more known as an eCommerce platform these days, but it still has great templates for your photos. You can create galleries, integrate with social networks, add contact forms, and, best of all, position your site higher on search engines.

Squarespace has built-in SEO tools to help you with basic site optimization. Also, the interface is so intuitive and easy to use, you won’t have any problem managing your new website. Make sure you decide what photos to add before officially launching the site. Additionally, you can rely on customer support whenever you have a problem.

2. Glass

Here we are talking about an excellent specialized photography website builder that gives a professional but also creative look to your site. You can create galleries, effects, and specialized landing pages and manage all that easily.

Like Squarespace, this platform has SEO features that will help you rank higher in online search engines. Also, you can list your business on Google My Business and link your website – it will immediately recognize you as a photographer, increasing the chances for higher ranks on search results pages. Therefore, if you are looking for a convenient solution for your photo portfolio, it is worth considering this option.

3. Zenfolio


This is another website builder for photographers. You can use templates and additional features, such as watermarks and printable previews. Of course, you can sell your photos online directly through the site.

Use the trial period to test the functionalities. It will help you see how the platform works before committing to a paid plan.

4. Wix

Wix is another well-known and very commercial site-building platform. The editor is very intuitive, and you can easily manage your portfolio’s contents.

The free version has a lot of ads, but with just a small subscription, you can easily get rid of it and unlock many additional functionalities. That way, you get a site that is easy to manage, but you can also position it higher on search engines. However, Wix has authority as a platform, so if you need a quick launch, you can opt for this option.

5. SmugMug

SmugMug is another specialized service for photographers. Here you can store photos, sell them, and earn from your work and art. The best thing is that you get a lot of server space, so you can upload a lot of photos and enrich your portfolio.

Additionally, you can offer the option to order prints or purchase digital files. Choose the best template and get ready to become a recognizable name in the world of photography.

6. WordPress

Could a list go by without mentioning this web giant? Of course, you must know that WordPress itself is quite limited and does not offer many options for customization. But if you decide on one of the paid templates and find the appropriate plugins and extensions, you will surely make a beautiful site that will represent you and your job to the target audience.

However, we must note that WordPress may not be ideal for those who don’t have a lot of time. Although it is the most popular web builder in the world, WordPress sites require a lot of management and dedication, which busy photographers cannot provide.

7. Format

Format is a really interesting solution for creatives, especially for photographers. They offer a variety of templates that are specifically designed for showcasing photography portfolios. It may not be the most popular platform on this list, but its features are certainly worth seeing.

So if you’re thinking, check out Format as well. You may find everything you need to build your online portfolio right here.

Why an online photo portfolio?


An online portfolio increases your chances of being found and hired by the people who need you. As you have seen, we have emphasized many features, including search engine optimization, content management, and creating authority among the competition.

You may not have thought of it that way before, but your website is your online identity. On your new site, you can write the terms of cooperation and insert a calendar of meetings but also show when you are already booked so that there are no overlaps. And, of course, these are only a small part of the benefits you get, thanks to the portfolio.

The biggest benefit is presenting your previous work, which always increases the chances of being seen and employed by a good client.


Nowadays, it’s hard for businesses to survive without a proper website, so we’ve dedicated this article to you, photographers who are still looking for a way to present their work. Explore the platforms we’ve listed and find exactly what best suits your needs as a professional. We are sure you will have many more bookings and sales of your photos in no time.

And when that happens, remember this article and recommend it to your younger colleagues who are now starting to build themselves as professionals in the industry.