The pain from a personal injury is bad enough. Having to deal with all the legalities on top of attempting to recover is worse. That’s why you need someone like Steven Polak, personal injury lawyer advantages dealing with professional Scarborough personal injury lawyer to step in and represent you.

Why is it important to hire personal injury lawyer?


It is often very difficult to bring justice to light without professional help. That’s why they exist, and thanks to their professional help, clients will get the justice they deserve. You’re probably wondering if it’s worth paying an expert in cases like this. The answer is – yes. In fact, in the greater case of accidents, his presence is even mandatory.

As for the lawyer’s fee, it is usually a third of the settlement or in other words, 33% of the amount the client will receive from the insurance company. It is important to know that a lawyer will not accept a case if he knows he cannot get it. This also means that many lawyers work on a free basis, and they will not charge you if you don’t win the case.

The first thing a lawyer will do after you hire him is to gather all possible information about the case, and it concerns medical bills and treatment history, police reports, witness statements, photographs, and other official reports. He will then try to reach an agreement with the counterpart, of course, in consultation with you as a party. Still, that initial settlement is only sometimes the final offer. In case you are dissatisfied with the financial compensation offered to you by the agreement, the lawyer will take the next step, and that is to begin a lawsuit.

What can a lawyer do for you while the medical treatments continue? Here are a few examples to think about.

Free consultation


Consultations with an injury lawyer are usually free and helpful, as you will hear a first-hand professional opinion on your case. It also allows you to meet and decide if that lawyer is the right person for you. During the interview, the lawyer will explain to you the course of the case, what steps you need to take, and what to expect from the very beginning until the moment when the case is closed.

Getting the Other Party Off Your Back

You can bet that the party responsible for the injury will want to sweep this matter under the rug as quickly as possible. The insurance company for the party will also want to wrap things up for the lowest settlement that they can obtain. They will go to great lengths to convince you that what they’re offering is the best that you can get, and that they will only offer it for a limited time.

Things change when you have a lawyer. When the other party attempts to make contact, refer them to your legal counsel. Don’t answer questions, don’t engage in conversation, and remain firm. Your focus is on undergoing medical treatments while your lawyer takes care of the negotiations with the responsible party. Best of all, referring them to the lawyer and not saying anything else minimizes the risk of being tricked into saying something that could hurt the case.

Professionalism and objectivity


After experiencing a car accident or injuries caused by another factor, it is very difficult for people to remember the details of the accident and talk about it objectively. The professional help of a lawyer specializing in such cases will certainly come in handy, and you can be sure that he will do everything he can for your benefit.

Assessing Your Current and Future Needs

Your lawyer has helped others in similar situations. That’s why the legal counsel wants to do more than look at the impact on your present circumstances. There’s the matter of lost income while you remain out of work. If the injury is permanent, the lawyer will have some ideas about how to project income lost over the long term plus the expense associated with ongoing therapy and medical care. The goal is to identify an amount that would help you avoid financial ruin now and also take care of your needs in the years to come.

Managing the Settlement Process With the Responsible Party


It can take time to work out the details of a settlement. There will be frequent communications back and forth. At times, the process may seem cumbersome, but your lawyer knows how to proceed in a way that ensures all legal procedures are followed.

There may be times when you need to be present. You will know about those meetings in advance. Even then, you don’t have to communicate directly with the other party. Anything that you want to say can be said through your legal counsel.

Preparing for Court if Necessary


While many personal injury cases result in settlements, others end up in the courtroom. That can happen if the other party refuses to agree to a reasonable settlement amount and terms. You can rest assured that your legal counsel will be ready to pursue the matter in court. As part of the process, the lawyer will also pursue compensation for legal and court expenses, leaving you with not having to pay anything out of pocket.

Hiring an injury lawyer will save you time because you won’t have to worry about the paperwork that can be very confusing. Besides this, it is crucial to find a person you trust. Therefore, we recommend that you use all available resources to make the best choice and leave the case in safe hands. Research online, visit website, read other people’s reviews, and you can seek advice from an acquaintance who finds himself in a similar situation.

These are only some of the advantages dealing with professional Scarborough personal injury lawyer. If you’ve been injured, call today and schedule a consultation. Once you do, get back to taking care of your medical needs and hopefully recovering in full.