Filling a worker’s compensation claim is not an easy task. You need to file it in a smart way to make sure you don’t lose any benefits you can get. The whole worker’s compensation system can be very long, complex, and exhausting. That is why you want to hire a lawyer that will do their best to provide you the best possible compensation. Ideally from a reputable law firm like Kania Law Office who has years of experience handling workers’ compensation claims.

You might notice the process is taking forever to be finalized, and not everything is going according to the plan. If this is the case, there is a chance you’ve hired the wrong attorney who is not doing their job the way they should. Here are several signs of a bad worker’s compensation lawyer.

1. The process is managed by a paralegal


When you hire a worker’s compensation attorney, you want to make sure they are doing the main part of the work. In the end, if you want to achieve the best possible results with your compensation process, you need to have someone professional to manage it. Lawyers are working together with paralegals as their assistants, which is completely fine, to some extent.

Paralegals are essential for doing the paperwork and dealing with a bunch of documentation. But they shouldn’t be the ones that manage the whole compensation process. How can you know the paralegal is taking over most of the work? If you see your chosen lawyer is not keeping up with the process and lacks information about it, or you rarely hear from them, it is likely the paralegal is doing their work.

In case you notice your lawyer is not doing the job he or she is paid and supposed to do, it is time to warn them about it. If the same situation proceeds, it is best to fire them and choose someone else to help you with the worker’s compensation process.

2. You’re continuously unprepared for the compensation process


After you filed a worker’s compensation claim, there come some new steps and requirements. A compensation attorney should explain the whole process to you, and paint a picture so you can understand what is coming. A good lawyer will always keep you posted about upcoming events and steps you should fulfill. They won’t let you feel unprepared or lost at any moment. A bad worker’s compensation lawyer will take care of your claim, and then forget about you and your further needs. You should always feel up to date and safe with the lawyer you hired.

At the end of the day, you hired them so you don’t have to worry about legal things you don’t understand. If you feel like you’re constantly missing out on things, and new information keeps to catch you off guard, you should consider changing the compensation attorney. You can check out to find the worker’s compensation lawyer you’ll be satisfied with.

3. You notice your worker’s compensation benefits stop for no apparent reason


While you’re off work, you’ll be receiving your benefit checks every week. And this will keep going until your doctor approves that you have achieved maximum medical improvement. In the other words, that means that you reached the maximum level of recovery. If you notice these checks stop coming for no apparent reason, you should call your compensation lawyer and explain to them what happened.

Keep in your mind that maybe it’s a mistake, but there is also a chance that your attorney failed with their responsibilities. If your lawyer misses a deadline, or in any other way neglects your compensation case, you can lose your benefits, which is not something you should be playing with. Make sure your worker’s compensation lawyer is doing their best work, and not pushing it aside until it’s too late.

4. You’re having trouble with communication


A good compensation lawyer will always be available for you or reach back to you in a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes it happens that your attorney is very busy and can’t seem to find time for your case. If you notice this is becoming very common and you feel like the worker’s compensation lawyer never has enough time for you, this can be a bad sign.

To achieve the best possible outcome with your compensation case, it is essential to have optimal communication with the professional you chose to help you. You need to have weekly meetings when you discuss the current situation, possible options, and your next steps. If they never return your calls, and you constantly have to send them emails to remind them of you, it means they are irresponsible and putting aside their obligations.

5. Your attorney is not completely honest


Sometimes worker’s compensation cases include getting and forwarding bad news. However, no matter that you run into an obstacle, your attorney needs to let you know about what is going on and how can you proceed. If your compensation attorney is silent about unwanted events or even lies to you just to avoid telling you bad news, you should let them know that you’re not fine with it.

And if you see there is no potential for a change, then it is best to find another attorney who will be more responsible and honest. With a bad attorney that is keeping secrets from you, you can’t go too far. And you will likely lose more money and get into trouble, which you want to avoid with your compensation case at all costs. You need someone who will guide you and help you achieve the best possible outcome.


Having a professional next to yourself when filing a worker’s compensation claim can be a massive mitigating circumstance. A good compensation lawyer can help you achieve desirable results and not lose your money after you suffer an injury at work. However, sometimes the attorney you hired is not acting the way you supposed.

If your compensation lawyer is not returning your calls, lying to you, or doesn’t have information about your case, you should do something about it. A bad lawyer will leave the job to a paralegal, and won’t respect the deadlines and rules, so you might even stop receiving your benefit checks. If you experience something like this, you should talk to them right away and think about hiring someone else who will help you to finalize your compensation case the best way possible.