In today’s world, with its developed transport communications, the migration of people has become a common phenomenon. Both local, within a single settlement, and on a larger scale – moving to another city or even to another country.

There can be a huge number of reasons why we change our place of residence. Each case is more or less unique, and it is impossible to name universal factors that can influence the decision to move. But it is possible to formulate some general questions, tips and recommendations.

So, you are faced with the choice – to move or not. What should you consider and what should you pay attention to before deciding to take such a serious step? Because our recommendations are generalized, in some specific cases, their priorities and relevance may change. Our goal is only to draw attention to their availability, and then everyone is free to decide what to focus on. Of course, finances are at the top of the list.

Of course, in the first place, anyone will be concerned about the transportation of things, furniture and equipment. It is best to contact a specialized mover company, we recommend the best of them – The specialists of this moving company are real professionals in their field. Your move will be pleasant and calm, and you will not have to worry about the safety of your belongings.

Choosing a place

The first thing you should pay attention to – is the actual place where you want to move. It would seem that for those who go on a business trip, this factor should also not play a role, but … If the business trip is long, and to live in a city that you are not satisfied, it may be better to give up. If possible, of course…

If the purpose of the move is not related to work, and the destination is volatile, it is worth a more careful choice. Read about the area where you’re going to move, make friends with locals on social networks, and better yet – with those who also moved, but a little earlier than you. Ask questions – you will learn a lot of useful information.

Very well, if there is an opportunity to personally visit the selected city, “try it on” for yourself. And try to look not from a tourist’s point of view, but more deeply and substantively. Walk around the areas away from tourist routes, visit markets, supermarkets, shopping centers.

For many people, the climate is an important factor. Seacoast or “real winter”? Or maybe you should pay attention to humidity, windiness, the number of sunny days, or other things that are important to you and your family.

Employment in a new place

One of the fundamental, in our opinion, is the question of employment. What to do in the new place, how to make a living? Of course, if your move is connected only with a business trip, this question disappears by itself.

Also, this problem is irrelevant for those lucky people who work remotely and not geographically linked to the place of work. For others, it’s a high-priority task that needs to be solved.

Even if you are a highly skilled and in-demand professional, confident in yourself, it is not a fact that there are open positions that match your qualifications and your needs waiting for you at your new place.

Finding a job can take a long time, so it is better to think about it in advance or, at worst, to have financial reserves that will allow you for some time not to think with what money to buy food tomorrow.

The apartment question: How much money should I save?

At the same time, it is worth taking a closer look at the housing market. It often happens that the city seems very beautiful and comfortable, but the cost of real estate puts an end to plans to settle in a good neighborhood. You have to choose housing in much less respectable and comfortable areas of the city. And this can negate all the positive aspects of the move. If you are moving to Nevada for your job, you can take a look at apartments near Reno.

And when looking for a place to live, do not forget to pay attention not only to the cost of buying or renting but also to the number of utilities, because, depending on the region, this factor can seriously affect the choice. For example, in some areas, apartments in new buildings have independent gas heating, as central heating, usual for residents of most major cities, is much more expensive.

The Flowers of Life

If you are moving with children, the question of education comes to the forefront. What school or kindergarten will your children go to, what are the conditions there, are there no waiting lists?

You may have to consider the location of educational institutions when choosing a neighborhood to live in. Don’t forget that the cost of kindergarten and school attendance should be found out in advance, so it won’t come as a surprise to you. The cost may vary from district to district.


When determining which neighborhood to live in, be sure to pay attention to the infrastructure. Including transportation. Especially if you are moving from a metropolis to a small town, the problem of distance may even seem ridiculous. But believe me, over time, as you adapt to the local rhythm of life and its way of life, your idea of what is far away will also change.

Think about how much time you have to spend each day on the road, what transport will have to use. If you expect to travel by public transport – study the route network and schedule. It can be very useful.

And perhaps change your choice in favor of another area. And also keep in mind that there can be traffic jams in cities. And during rush hour, even a neighborhood that is not very far from downtown can be difficult to get to. You can also study traffic patterns remotely, such as with an online map. Don’t forget that for the first few months after you move, it’s better to save money than to take a cab.