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Now that we’re so used to it, imagining a life without a smart device in our pocket is pretty impossible. After all, how are we going to call our loved ones or share a beautiful photo of our kids in just a few seconds if it weren’t for these smartphones? Even the older generations use them religiously nowadays.

Out of all the smartphones we have on the market, iPhone seems to be the most user-friendly to most people, which is why it’s so popular. The IOS is more convenient for use compared to Android, but the device itself is not perfect. But then again, which device is?

In today’s article, we’re addressing the five most common iPhone screen problems people are dealing with, and on top of that, we’ll provide easy solutions for each one separately. Willing to learn more? Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

The blue, black, or blank screen of “death”

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Just like we all fear “The Blue Screen of Death” on a Windows PC, or the “Ring of Death” on an Xbox device, the same thing applies to iPhones as well, except here it’s called the blank screen instead. This one is popular on the iPhone 11 Pro, so if you’ve recently run into it, this is how you can fix it.

  •  Perform a force restart on your iPhone
  • Connect it to the charger if you think the problem may be due to rapid battery drain

This issue may be caused by the recent installation of a broken app or a third-party file that isn’t authorized or safe for use. In this case, the issue is a system-based issue so you will need to wipe out the memory on your iPhone in order to reset it back to normal. If you are not too tech-savvy and you need this done urgently, reaching out to a professional iPhone service may be a good idea. For more information, iCertified Geek is a website where you can learn more.

The display is stuck on the Apple White Logo Screen

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This can happen to anyone using an iPhone but don’t panic, it’s not serious. It’s actually a really common problem that many people face after some of the latest major system updates. This also happens to those who try to use an unlicensed or corrupt operating system on your iPhone but let’s just hope that you’re not doing that, as we have no solution for that fix, and it’s also against the law.

This is why we suggest installing only certified apps and legit operating systems on your device, avoiding everything else that’s shady or of unknown origin.

The recovery-mode screen bug

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Unfortunately, the recovery mode is not always as “recoveries” as people would expect it to be. Sometimes when users are trying to fix a previously-caused issue by using the recovery-mode, their iPhone gets stuck on that particular screen or the “Connect to your iTunes” screen. Now, this issue is definitely considered to be one of the scarier ones that can happen to a casual user, as the only solution for the problem is by doing a Device Firmware Update also known as DFU, which requires a bit of tech knowledge. Another solution we don’t really recommend is using third-party iOS repair software, which is also risky and can result in you messing up your phone even more.

Stuck on either landscape or portrait view

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The landscape/portrait view feature is really a game-changer, and nowadays we have it on almost all modern smartphone devices. It really helps you “set” the orientation for reading or watching a movie, and all this happens with just a simple hand-position switch. But, sometimes iPhone devices out of a strange reason refuse to cooperate. So, if your iPhone is stuck on either landscape or portrait view, know that you are not alone. It happens to many.

In most cases, this is due to the application itself being unresponsive, but if it’s happening on an official App such as Netflix for example, then the issue is in something else. The fix for this is doing a forced restart. But, before you do that, make sure that it’s stuck on all apps, not just one.

This “glitch” in the system happens after major software updates but is often not fixed by Apple. It should take a lot less time to reset the device compared to waiting for an official update.

The infamous “Ghost Touch” bug with apps self-loading

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It can be a really eerie thing to notice that your iPhone is opening up apps on its own. Especially in these modern times when people are aware of all the sneaky cyber-attacks that may happen to just about anyone. Well, don’t worry, if your iPhone does this, you’re pretty safe. It’s a really common glitch that can be fixed by performing a “soft reset” to your device. If it still doesn’t end, check if you have any remote-control apps installed or opened up. If you have to, do a master reset as that is guaranteed to fix the famous ghost touch bug on iPhones.


A smartphone is what everyone relies on these days, especially in a modern era when getting your hands on information in just a matter of few seconds is of great importance. Out of all smartphone devices in the world, the iPhone has a reputation for being one of the best, and a lot of people are using it. But, even though it’s really expensive, the iPhone is not perfect. It has some issues, most of which are quite common amongst users, and that’s what we focused on in today’s article.

Feel free to check the content above if you’ve recently run into any iPhone screen problems and you’re looking for a solution. We hope our solutions were of good use to you, and as always, thank you for reading.