Mobile and then smartphones have long been more than just a means of communication anytime and anywhere. They have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. That the use of the mobile Internet has long surpassed desktop browsing is old news. The growth in the number of users who surf the Internet in a short time exceeded all expectations.

This is largely due to the lower prices of smartphones and mobile Internet and the convenience of mobile screens. We reach for a smartphone when we need directions on where to go, when we are bored, when we don’t want to hang out (or when we want to hang out with someone who isn’t around). We use it to record important moments in our lives, but we also share them with the whole world. Therefore, it is no wonder that we get upset if something happens that causes it to stop working.

Today, there are various smartphone manufacturers


Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, LG, and many others, but we believe that most will agree that the iPhone is number one. These phones are characterized by excellent performance, but, like any other, this one can malfunction or simply lock up. We can often hear that the screen is completely white or black and does not respond to any commands. What should we do in that case?

If this happens, don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a malfunction. Even if the keys do not respond, you can force it to restart by pressing and quickly releasing the volume up key, and then repeat the same with the volume down key. After that, hold down the power button a little longer and your iPhone should start up. This will work on all models that do not have a Home button.

For newer models, such as the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8


After pressing the power and volume down buttons, press the side button long enough until the manufacturer’s logo appears. If the phone does not start after this procedure and the screen remains dimmed, connect it to charging for one hour. The battery may be completely empty, which you will know after a few minutes of charging if the charging display appears on the screen. It would not be bad to check the correctness of the charger, socket, and power adapter.

Maybe the fault lies in them. If you still have a problem with the iPhone black screen click here to find a solution. One of the best solutions is in the form of Dr.Fone software – System Repair (IOS). This software very easily solves black and white screen problems in iPhone, as well as other problems such as frozen screen, stuck in DFU mode, and many others. It is important to emphasize that, using this software, IOS can be easily reverted to an older version without fear of data loss.

With the help of Dr.Fone, repairing an iOS system is very simple and feasible in three steps: The first step is to launch Dr.Fone and connect iPhone to the computer. The next step would be downloading the firmware, and finally, click Fix Now button. So, this software is the perfect solution to many problems that can occur on any iPhone model.

In contrast to the black screen


There is a possibility that the phone will completely block you with a white screen. This is not such a rare case with the iPhone, moreover, this phenomenon has its own name – the white screen of death. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. This problem most often occurs for two reasons, and those are software update failures. If this is not the case, then the problem is of a hardware nature and occurs when the cable connecting the motherboard to the phone is damaged.

What is it that you can do in cases like this?


First check to see if a white screen of death has occurred at all or you have simply accidentally magnified the screen to the point that the av has turned white. You will check if this is the case by double-tapping the three-finger screen. If zooming has been turned on, you will deactivate it this way. Sometimes it just happens people activate it without knowing it.

However, if the white screen problem persists, try resetting the phone in the same way as indicated for black screen problems. If it fails, try a hard reset. Don’t worry, it won’t delete your data from your phone. The hard reset is performed as follows – hold down the Home key and the unlock/lock key at the same time (on newer models, this is the volume down key). Hold the button long enough until the Apple logo appears.

Wait for the phone to start up and make sure everything works. Sometimes the solution appears in the form of resolving the phone or resetting it to factory settings. If you decide to take this step, make sure you have backed up and saved your data to iCloud so that you can restore it after resetting.

A white screen may also appear if your phone is dropped. In that case, the only solution is to take it to a specialty store for repair. If you consider yourself skilled enough, you can find many tutorials on Youtube that will show you how to fix your phone yourself. If you are not sure, find someone who can solve that problem without risking to ruin the phone.

Final thoughts

We love the iPhone because of its simplicity, and on the other hand, it offers many functionalities that make our daily life and functioning easier. Each new iPhone model offers us new features and has certain advantages over the previous model. We usually always have mobile devices with us, and precisely because of their size, they are always available to us, so we can take photos at any time and in any place.

All the details that are important to us can be archived with the help of the iPhone mobile device. Of course, no device is perfect, not even the iPhone, but it is certain that once iPhone users use it, it is difficult to return to other mobile phones and stay true to the iPhone. In addition, despite all the good performance and specifications, the possible appearance of a black or white screen is a negligible problem, because it is very easy to solve.