Claims of “rapid approval” could attract you, especially if your firm is considered high-risk. It is unusual for high-risk businesses, in particular, to receive prompt approval for a single merchant account. As a result, many merchant services companies advertise rapid approvals for high-risk accounts.

No one likes waiting for an essential business service to be approved, especially one intimately related to sales as a merchant account. Although third-party processors like PayPal enable businesses to begin processing instantly, all three firms clearly state that they will not work with most high-risk companies.

This article clarifies the meaning of “immediate approval” and the realities of high risk merchant account instant approval.

Can you get instant approval for a high-risk merchant account?

There is no instant acceptance for a merchant processing account. However, the truth is that complete clearance for a high-risk merchant account usually takes longer than for a low-risk company. Traditional low-risk companies can typically anticipate receiving approval within a day or two.

On the contrary hand, it usually necessitates a minimum of three working days to authorize high-risk merchant accounts. Is that an immediate yes? No, but that is the fastest it will go. Should you be concerned if a high-risk merchant account was approved in less than 3 days? Totally.

A deeper examination of the credit histories of the company and the owner is necessary to approve a high-risk company. You should also remember that compared to a low-risk firm, you will have to submit a lot more paperwork and wait a long time for the process to finish.

Why Should You refrain from getting services from Instant Approval Merchant Accounts for High-Risk Businesses?


The fact that these companies frequently try to sign merchants to lengthy contracts and high early termination fees is one of the main reasons you should steer clear of those who promise immediate approval accounts. Instead, these providers notify you that they are about to approve your account for high-risk credit card payments and push you to sign on the dotted lines of your contract.

While awaiting final approval from back-end processors or acquisition banks, many even set up a payment gateway for your high-risk business merchant account. Therefore, you must deactivate and terminate the payment gateway immediately if permission gets rejected. If this is not done, the account’s monthly billing will continue.

The fact that these rapid account approval providers frequently lack the tools to underwrite negative credit merchant accounts adequately is another reason to avoid them. Only knowledgeable high-risk payment processors can offer the innovative solutions that merchant accounts with poor credit require. Speaking with experts in high-risk merchant handling is necessary for merchants in need of high-risk processing solutions.

The Reality behind High-risk merchant accounts and Instant Approvals

High-risk merchant accounts need a minimum of three to five working days to be accepted, while conventional low-risk companies can get accepted in as little as two days. It can take approximately three to five weeks to finish the procedure.

What’s the reason for the delay? First, we must thoroughly investigate the credit record of the firm and the proprietor and the type of the company before licensing a high-risk enterprise.

One of several factors contributing to a firm getting the label of being high-risk is the owner’s bad personal credit record. Compared to a low-risk firm, you will have to submit much more paperwork and wait much longer for the process to finish.

What do instant approvals for High-Risk Merchants mean?


In the fine print of suppliers who advertise “immediate credit card processing approval,” it is typically stated that acceptance takes 24-48 hours, which is quicker than usual but not “instant.”

These suppliers need to disclose the fact that the acceptance of a merchant account requires two steps. First, your fast-approval merchant account issuer must initially authorize you. Next, the bank or back-end operator that handles your payments and ensures your account must approve you. It can take three days to five weeks to complete this operation.

What are the situations where instant activation of a high-risk merchant account becomes challenging?

In some cases, including the following, it isn’t easy to speed up the activation process:

  • Because of the lengthy bank review and approval, activating the international solutions on your merchant account takes a bit of time.
  • Your company’s nature must be thoroughly examined and validated if it is high risk. The chargeback rate and commercial operations are both high risk.
  • Before, if your merchant account had been suspended or put on hold, it needed to be carefully verified. You must provide specifics, supporting documentation, and justifications for the current state of your company, including whether it has fully recovered or remains broken.

Can the approval process for a high-risk merchant account be accelerated?


Working with a trustworthy merchant account provider specializing in high-risk processing will help expedite the acceptance process. The application and approval processes will go faster if you work with a partner with expertise and a previous record in your sector. Additionally, make sure that all of your documentation is organized.

As a high-risk business owner, you must supply more data when requesting a merchant account. It will speed up the clearance process considerably if you include all this information in your original application.

The Bottom Line

Receiving acceptance for a merchant account is complex and challenging if you are a high-risk merchant (and sometimes even if you are not). After a few rejections, you might feel pressured to join with any provider who accepts you. Additionally, the idea of “immediate approval” can seem highly alluring due to the inevitabilities of delays in having your account approved.

But you need to resist that urge. Instant online merchant account acceptance differs from what it seems and might lead to significant issues later. If you Google “high-risk merchant account,” you’ll come up with many adverts from dishonest processors hoping to take advantage of your plight. But you must be mindful of your choice when you give a high-risk merchant account.