You know that you simply cannot pinpoint a single tool that is supposed to be most effective for every organization in terms of marketing automation. Simply speaking, what works best for you would be depending predominantly on the specific system you require.

If you have the right tools at your disposal, you could successfully bridge gaps with effective marketing automation for assisting you in fulfilling your objectives. You may wonder why organizations need marketing automation.

Marketing is nothing but time management. It would be boiling down to precisely who can achieve the advantage of the first mover, who can engage effectively more frequently with customers and who is successful in converting leads more quickly.

Digital marketing necessitates faster lead conversion, and organizations do not seem to have any time to waste on consumers who may not even convert at all. It involves a lot of energy and time to sift through countless leads. However, this time and effort could have been used more effectively.


Similarly, it would be time-consuming to juggle between multiple platforms for businesses exploring digital marketing. This is precisely where marketing automation would come in.

It has radically transformed how businesses are managing their targets and time. Marketing automation facilitates the shifting of focus to specifically the best prospects that could be converted.

This certainly helps in saving both valuable time and energy. Thanks to the advent of marketing automation, marketers are successfully engaging customers with custom-tailored content as per their buying behavior and profile data.

Your leads would spend more time on your website, provided they get more customized content. This results in the assimilation of valuable information and data that could assist you in effectively converting leads into customers and promote future cross-selling.

Today, for marketing with success, corporate teams are leveraging powerful tools. While determining the best marketing automation platform for your business, you would realize that there is no dearth of contenders.


According to, the two most popular platforms and the trailblazers are Marketo and Hubspot. We know that Hubspot is supposed to be the number 1 marketing automation software organization followed closely by Marketo.

As per statistics provided by SimilarTech, we understand that Marketo is being used in nearly 33,000 websites, while Hubspot is supposed to be active on more than 96,000 websites. Moreover, Hubspot is supposed to be the most commonly utilized marketing automation software globally and across industries.

Even though both Marketo and Hubspot offer similar features and functionalities and both boast of having a robust base of dedicated followers and loyal fans, there are certain differences between the two leading marketing automation software platforms.

Let us compare the two in terms of their merits and demerits so that you could decide what works best for you. Hubspot vs. Marketo could be an interesting and enlightening comparison.

The Striking Features of HubSpot


We understand that there is an increasing demand for personalized and fully-integrated campaigns. Almost 80% of leads necessitate as many as five follow-ups calls before the deal is closed.

Hubspot plays a pivotal role in helping marketers to master the degree of individualization and engagement. Hubspot is regarded as an all-in-one solution meant for marketers for diverse experience and skill levels. Here are some of the merits of Hubspot.

– It is an all-in-one solution that promotes sales and access to brilliant CRM. You could consider tracking deals, as well as lead behavior via the funnel.

– It is effective as a multi-channel marketing platform. You could have access to all your preferred marketing tools from just one login. It boasts of certain advanced marketing capabilities like automated marketing workflows, a powerful content management system, and the capability of generating smart content with strategic segmentation.

– It serves as a brilliant website building software. You could consider creating your website with the help of Hubspot and rest assured of enjoying accurate monitoring and tracking of a user’s or visitor’s journey across your website.

– Hubspot provides you with a robust community. It boasts of a solid customer base of almost 18,000 users. Hubspot boasts of an inspiring online forum that is known to connect sales and marketing professionals from across the globe.

– Hubspot offers to provide you with training and expertise. You could keep learning as you go thanks to Hubspot Academy that offers marketing certifications, training, and content for all sorts of skill levels. You could consider using Hubspot Academy for helping all members of your team master ways of leveraging the platform effectively and much faster.

– Hubspot offers an exhaustive library of tested integrations. In this context, you must know that Hubspot seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, WordPress, GoToWebinar, SurveyMonkey, and more.

– You have access to different pricing tiers. You could consider choosing the plan that seems best for you. Basic is the first pricing tier that is just ideal for small teams. It comes at $200 per month. The second tier is Professional and is just right for far more experienced teams, and it comes at $800 per month. Enterprise is supposed to be the third pricing tier ideal for experienced teams that are known for implementing robust strategies. It comes at $2,400 per month.

We have discussed only a few of the striking features of Hubspot. Thanks to Hubspot, marketing teams could successfully run integrated campaigns and even report accurately on those campaigns’ success.

The Salient Features of Marketo


The goal of a Marketo user is just the same as the goal of a Hubspot user, and that is primarily delivering personalized engagements seamlessly to the right audience at the correct time.

When you are investing in Marketo, rest assured to enjoy a lot of advantages. Let us explore the salient features of Marketo that go a long way in delivering highly-customized and individualized engagements to the perfect target audience.

– Marketo, too, just like Hubspot, is regarded as a multichannel marketing platform. Even though all its features are not integrated, Marketo promises a few of the same features, just like Hubspot, for instance, lead scoring capabilities and email marketing. Other things could be included via integration.

– Marketo is a great platform for tracking marketing ROI. Thanks to Marketo sales and marketing teams could be gaining valuable insights into precisely the elements or factors that are contributing to revenue. For instance, the Success Path Analyzer would be helping you in tracking ways how your marketing endeavors tie directly to revenue.

– Just like Hubspot Marketo boasts of a robust community. It takes pride in its supportive and extensive community of users, often called ‘Marketo Marketing Nation.’

– Marketo offers seamless integration with Salesforce. The Marketo/ Salesforce integration is quite strong and seamless and helps in providing updates, syncing leads, account users, contacts, and even others every few minutes. Marketo, however, does not boast of having its own CRM.

– Just like Hubspot, Marketo offers diverse pricing tiers; however, Marketo seems to be more expensive as compared to Hubspot. In this context, you must know that marketers could choose from three main pricing tiers that promise additional features with each upper level. Spark is the basic level that comes at $895 per month, while Standard is the second pricing tier and comes at $1,795 per month, and the third pricing level is Select that comes at $3,195 per month.



Both Marketo and Hubspot have their own strengths and could prove to be a perfect fit for specific marketers. Marketo seems to be a wonderful fit for some of the advanced enterprise teams.

Marketo is a great fit for teams with relatively more staff, and it works great if they have a little more time for investing in additional platforms and integrations. Hubspot is a wonderful fit for both large and small teams with diverse skill sets, as well as experience.

It is an exceptional tool right from the amazing ease of use to the Hubspot Academy. Businesses could easily choose Hubspot and make things happen.