So, you’ve finally decided to say goodbye to your current residence. It’s a big moment, for sure – and it brings so many obligations and things to think about.

Sometimes it might be tough to consider all the factors that should be taken care of, however, what every owner wants to make sure is that he’s got the best price for it.  If you have an apartment or house that you would like to sell and you’re wondering how to obtain the best deal, pay attention to these tips.

Legalize and register


If your property is legal but not registered, be sure to complete this process as well – it’s a crucial point of any selling process. When it fulfills all the requirements and you don’t break any laws, it’s easier and more justified to request more money to sell it.

At the same time, prepare all the previous sales contracts  (if there are any), the title deed and each and single additional document you might need. This will show that you take the matter seriously and that you don’t have anything to hush up.

Move all those pieces of information and documents that might be requested by the buyer to a safe place and show them when the time comes. Following this piece of advice, you won’t leave anyone with the impression that you’re trying to hide something.

Extra tip: in case you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, it’s completely fine to hire a professional – a real estate attorney, for example. As stated by the Friscia Law, which offers some great possibilities regarding this, attorneys can help you review all the documents and ensure that everything’s fine in order to avoid discrepancies.

Time to tidy up!

In order to leave the buyers with the impression of a perfect residence for sale and make them decide to spend more, everything needs to be spotless. It’s best to do the small work first and tidy up your property a little bit, because, hey –  that’s why the sale price can end up being several thousand euros higher than selling the apartment without being renovated.

Take out unnecessary items and furniture


This phase requires some muscles, but it’s quite significant, as the prospective buyer will prefer to imagine what his new home would look like – and this simply doesn’t fit your worn and used furniture. Or your personal things. Be thorough. Boxes with things around the corners give a bad impression of a bunch of old and used things, which won’t really help.

Paint the walls

Once you’ve decluttered your apartment, the next great thing to do is give it its original shine. Make up your apartment so that in the end it looks just like something you’d like to buy. Complete wall preparation, wallpaper removal, tiling, and painting.

For an average apartment of 60 square meters, professionals might charge a few hundred dollars: anyway, if you decide to do it yourself, you’ll spend twice less, and guess what – the price of your apartment will still increase.

Repair everything that needs to be repaired


Once you‘ve painted it, it’s time to mend that irritating leaking faucet and to finally attach the towel holder you were planning to add as a detail in the bathroom. If door handles don’t work properly or seem to be broken, replace them – it’s not an immense cost.

Brush and varnish the parquet floor, mend the doorbell, change old tiles in the kitchen. Any broken glass or window? Replace it. If you just ignore these details, purchasers might easily notice it, and boom! – your chance for a bigger profit has just gone with the wind.

Damage can take back the potential new owners of the place. So, it’s advisable to decide, together with your agent, about the improvements that need to be made. Although initially, fixing these damages may seem like an expense and a loss of benefits, the return on investment for renovating could be very high.

Depersonalize the house

It’s not enough to clean – you need to depersonalize the space. Of course, your main concern is to do everything possible to make it look good. But this job isn’t limited to cleaning and picking up what’s out of place.

The decorations that you have chosen may not please everyone: that collection of dolls that you are so proud of or that armchair that you don’t want to throw even if it has some cigarette burn holes might horrify a potential buyer. The first impression is rather important and it’s necessary to eliminate everything that’s personal and can cause rejection – for example, photos – since the potential new owner doesn’t really want to enter another person’s home

Offer what others don’t have


The most relevant advertisements for sale are those that include various pieces of equipment and household items that other owners don’t include in their offer. Many people don’t take into account the remodeling and the quality of the services performed.

They do some repairs, but they don’t think about adding some more things for a final touch to make the space more attractive and to add up to its price. That’s why they fail to obtain the expected profit.

Therefore, what you need to do is offer some features that aren’t available on other properties, but in order to manage to do it, it’s necessary to invest so that the process of home sales ends up successful.

And what does that bring? Well, you’re guaranteeing an optimal state of the house that doesn’t force new owners to make large investments in repairs or adding more furniture or household items. This is the key to big profits – they won’t have any worries about that and they’ll be more than eager to pay more knowing that they don’t need to bother regarding that.

Reliable home security systems and forging tables are more likely to catch the attention of the possible buyers and make a good impression. You can also include refrigerators, ovens and washing machines in your offer.

Keep in mind that these latest home appliances are expensive, so it’s highly recommended that you fix them if necessary and make sure they perform at their best – this way the new owners won’t regret paying some extra cash for them.

As you might have seen from the previous lines, if you’re planning to obtain large profits, you must invest in your home beforehand, as in the real estate market the best way to succeed is by offering a property without any single imperfection.

Following the rules above will make sure that you get the most out of the sale and get the best results, which is of paramount importance to both parties.