Thousands of thefts, robberies, and burglaries occur every day in the United States. Many of the victims of such crimes are businesses, resulting in considerable losses of business equipment and inventory. In the worst cases, culprits who are in the course of committing robberies and burglaries can injure or kill innocent individuals that get in their way.

Since these crimes are prevalent, businesses hire companies to protect their property, staff, and employees. In looking for a security company for your business, you need to choose one that can be trusted and effectively do its duties.

Here are a series of questions that will give you a better understanding of what you are looking for in a company that can safeguard your business.

Is the Security Company Licensed and Insured?

There are bogus security firms that operate nowadays. What you need to do is avoid these fake ones and look for a company with a proper license and insurance.

The Department of Public Safety confers licenses to firms to operate. A licensed security firm entails that their personnel undergo background checks and screening with the necessary biometrics like fingerprints.

It’s also essential that security firms have insurance that covers workers’ general liability, auto liability, and compensation. One tip to keep in mind is to choose a company with at least a million dollars in insurance coverage.

Does It Have an Experience Working with a Business like Yours?

An experience in the field of service is not the whole question, but whether a company has enough experience working with a type of business you’re operating. You want a security firm that has a good grasp of your industry and its specific needs.

If you’re operating a jewelry store, you need to hire a company with experience in ensuring that your jewelry pieces are safeguarded from thieves and providing a safe environment for customers to browse through your products. In this type of business, a security camera is crucial, and your security personnel must know how to use one.

Is It Focused on Security Service or Does It Provide Other Services?

Not all security firms take service as their primary service. There are ones that offer multiple services. For instance, along with security, they also provide janitorial and cleaning.

It’s advisable to choose a firm that focuses primarily on security. Companies that provide package services may not be savvy when it comes to the latest technology and issues in the security industry. You should pick a security company that you’re confident will safeguard your business.

How Does It Use Technology to Protect Your Company?

Many industries improve significantly when they incorporate new technology. The security industry is also rapidly adopting technological trends to provide the best service to clients. So, if you’re choosing a security company to protect your business, knowing how it uses technology is crucial.

If you want to have a surveillance system on your business premises, you should ensure that the security company you hire knows how to operate one. The more sophisticated your surveillance gadgets, the more efficient you can deter robbers and monitor suspicious behaviors inside your business establishment.

At the guidance of the security company you hire, you can strategically install a video monitoring or alarm system to ensure that your business, staff, employees, and customers are secure.

Do You Need Armed or Unarmed Guards?

Whether your guards will carry weapons or not depend on the type of business you’re operating and where it’s located. It’s better to have armed guards if your business establishment is big and it’s situated in a place where the crime rate is high.

Ask the security company whether their personnel have proper gun training before you hire them. It’s dangerous to deploy armed guards in your business establishment if they don’t have proper training on how to use weapons.

How the Security Company Monitor Their Guards?

Remember that monitoring of the guards falls on the security company. It’s their responsibility to supervise the guards that they deploy in your business establishment. Of course, you can report to them if there’s any misconduct as they perform their duties.

Make sure that you know the strategies of the security company in monitoring their personnel, what’s the chain of command, whether they utilize new technology to monitor or supervise them, and to whom or how to report the guards deployed in your business.


Asking questions is crucial when you’re planning to hire a security company for your business. In this way, you know what to consider and what to expect from the company when it comes to ensuring that your business equipment, inventory, staff, and customers are secure.

In picking a security company to protect your business, make sure that it has ample experience working with the type of business you’re operating. Also, consider whether the company has a license and insurance, how technology-savvy its personnel is, and what training they have in handling weapons.

We hope that this article helped you. Your business is the most important thing to you!