Hiring the right security guard services for your company can be one of your best decisions. Certified services can provide peace of mind by securing your assets, protecting customers, employees, and inventory, and freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

However, hiring the wrong services team will cost you lots of money and frustration. You must ensure that the services you hire are capable, highly skilled, and willing to cater to your bank’s needs.

It is vital to thoroughly vet any company you are looking to hire and understand what they will do to address your concerns. Before signing a contract, you’ll need to ask tough questions to avoid these common mistakes businesses often encounter when hiring security guards. You’ll be thankful that you took the time initially to discover if your new company will be a good fit for you.

1. Hiring Security Guards Who Don’t Offer A Tailored Solution For Your Business

You’re looking to hire professionals who know their business, but be wary when they think they know more about yours than you do. Too often, many teams will try to do things their way at the expense of your business. Security is not a one-size-fits-all solution; you should run away from any company that tells you otherwise. Ensure your firm addresses your unique concerns while formulating a plan to secure your business.

2. Hiring A Team That Doesn’t Focus On Prevention


Prevention is critical to adequate security. Ideally, your firm will assess your location and suggest relevant techniques to prevent crime. If your guards only focus on aggressive security, you’re missing some additional peace of mind and opening yourself up to potential lawsuits when incidents occur.

3. Hiring A Company That Doesn’t Offer Uniform Options To Suit Your Business

Did you know that these companies offer different uniforms depending on where their guards will be deployed? Ensure your security guards are uniformed to keep your business in mind. Find out if your guards will dress the part and blend into your establishment. That might mean police-style uniforms, polos, suits, and ties, or a personal security guard in plain clothes, depending on the task.

4. Hiring A Company Without Checking Its Reviews

You’ll want to look into a company’s reputation before considering hiring them. The best places to start your search are with established firms familiar with operating services in your area. Run a quick Google search and read any customer reviews to get an idea of the quality of their work. It would help if you also looked up their rating on the Better Business Bureau. Take a glance at their Facebook or Twitter pages, if they have one, to see how pleased others have been with their experiences, too.

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5. Hiring A Company Without Checking Their License


Ask about the local licensing and insurance coverage that a company has in place. Armed guards, for example, must be certified to carry weapons. You want to verify that your security guards are legally licensed to offer protection services for your business. Then, ask about the insurance coverages they have in place so that you’ll be well protected if anything ever happens. Standard industry minimums should include liability coverage of at least $1 million for every incident, $3 million in aggregate, and $2 million in umbrella coverage.

6. Hiring The Lowest Bidder

Choosing your new provider based on the lowest price is often a big mistake. Good security isn’t usually cheap. Though you might save money in the short run by hiring the most affordable firm, scrimping on experienced security guards may cost you more by providing inadequate protection and chipping away at your peace of mind. If your new guards won’t do the best job securing your business, how much are you saving by going with the cheapest bid?

When considering a cheap security company, you must be mindful of potential compromises. Security is an area where cutting corners is less than ideal. Reputable companies prioritize their guards’ safety and professionalism, providing them with top-notch self-defense tools, body cameras, secure radio headsets for secure communication, and protective gear. The absence of these essential elements raises significant concerns and should serve as a noticeable warning sign.

7. Hiring A Team Without A Backup Unit

Hopefully, the company you choose is highly effective and great at everything they’re supposed to do to protect your site. But what happens if one of your guards misses a shift or doesn’t mesh with your environment? What plan does your security service have in place to make sure that you are always protected? Find out if the company hiring has enough staff to provide a reliable backup team so you’re never scrambling for security.

8. Hiring Without Keeping Your Goals In Mind


Be clear about what types of protection you need when you begin the process of hiring new security guards. An excellent team will address your business needs first to get the protection you require. A focus on securing inventory in a warehouse looks different from securing private data at a tech company. Don’t blindly follow good reviews and settle for a security company that provides ill-fitted solutions. If you’re not sure that a company can adequately protect your business, look for one that will do an excellent job of achieving your objectives.

9. Hiring A Firm That Doesn’t Focus On Prevention

Adequate security relies heavily on prevention. Ideally, a security company will examine your location and provide appropriate crime prevention strategies. If your security guards focus too much on aggressive security, you’ll be missing out on some extra peace of mind and maybe setting yourself up for litigation when incidents do occur.

Other Mistakes To Avoid

  • Intricate security plans
  • The security plan is not tested before implementation
  • Incorrect integration of the plan in the whole event
  • Assuming the provider will do all the work without our input
  • Non-training of company employees before the event
  • Failure to conduct a risk assessment

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Paying a security team such as SecureOne, to protect you or your business means that you could ultimately put your life in their hands, so choose wisely. Now that you know the mistakes people often make when choosing a new security team ask lots of questions. Move forward with the hiring process only after you’ve received satisfactory answers to these concerns.