In this era of e-commerce, google shopping is vital for harnessing your sales-boost. As more people are becoming tech-centric day by day, there’s no better opportunity than using google to market your products online.

To boost sales & drive more traffic for your product’s deal, you should stay current with the latest information. There are many enticing features added to the latest google shopping update. Just to intrigue you, google has removed the previously applied commission fees from the google shopping action. Now you can freely market your product the way you want.

These below-mentioned Google shopping features have been keeping people fascinated for quite a while:

1. Knowledge Panel Inclusion


Previously one could see only the paid products in the popular product module. The aspirations of free listings were in the air; however, with the latest update, Google has enabled the option of displaying official info about anything such as goods, people, company, etc.

That said, you can look into all the details if you are an analytical type. This feature is now only sponsor based. But the time is not far when Google will free this option for everyone. Introducing this idea is the first milestone of an exciting online retail experience.

2. Ad label Updates

As a user, you can directly see & choose among tons of alternative products based on your search results. You don’t need to go to a designated Google shopping site to make a purchase. Another remarkable feature of this latest ad label update is that now you have total control over the ad display.

The classic “i” icon on the top right corner lets you choose specific ad types. Also, it further gives you the control to turn on\off particular kinds of ads. For desktop versions, Google removed the “sponsored” writing on the product price. You can now see the product’s unbiased rating & the shop below the product specification to have a clear idea of what sort of service they provide.

Although the sponsored option is still visible on the Google shopping site & you can’t see the sale annotations there. However, Google is trying to upgrade the online retailing experience for desktop users just like mobile ones. Big Google Ads agencies such as are working harder to make quality content and the entire buying and selling process much more efficient.

3. Merchant Center Product


Google targets specific shoppers who actively search for their products. That’s why, as a merchant, you have a greater chance of selling to a shopper. That said, the importance of a merchant center to reach out to your customers is essential. Every year Google tries to upgrade the merchant center’s user experience for both the shopper & the merchant.

Google prioritized the data quality this year in the merchant center section. Providing unbiased reviews & the best retailers based on the search query, people are having fun using the merchant section since the latest update.

4. Installment & Subscription

Google shopping has a fantastic offer for the shoppers. Since the latest update of google shopping, you can now pay in installments or subscribe for achieving premium offers. However, you need to live in a region where Google shopping services are available. Then only you can enjoy the installment & subscription facilities on wireless products & services.

Argentina, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Norway,  Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States, etc, are currently providing Google shopping services.

5. Detailed Product Entity


Product details are crucial in determining the quality & usability if you opt to buy something. Previously, Google had detailed attributes dedicated to the shopping section. However, now anyone can access product details as shopping ads, free listings, dynamic retargeting ads, and exclusive product details.

That said, now you can have a satisfactory readable experience, analyze well & get exact structured data. Google can now efficiently introduce individual products based on the most recent searches.

6. Product Highlights Option Enabled

Despite having such a broad business model Google is still diversifying and making things easier for both buyers and sellers. As a retailer, you want your customers to know precisely what you are selling. That said, it’s important to add details rather than the product picture & price.

However, to mitigate this issue, Google has previously added the option to add details with the products. But it was only available in the shopping section. Since the last update, shopping ads, free listings, dynamic retargeting ads, all have free access to additional product highlights, which is a massive advantage to the retailers.

7. Sale & Discount Annotations


Sale & discount annotation is an effective marketing strategy. You can now see the sales & discount offers too, with the price tag. However, Google has included some instructions for the retailers to add the annotations such as valid base price, (5-90)% discount range, lower discount price than the actual price, etc.

8. Category Based Product Listing

Google has given you the full authority to monetize how you want to exhibit your product. Some products have specific categories & even subcategories. Think of a garment, for example. You can add your product to the female apparel category. Again, you can further specify the product by adding age, color, size, etc. Which one will generate more traffic? Yes, the later one. Thus, you can now control your rise and fall in business.

9. Meta Description Advantage


Adding a product description will have a better reach to the shoppers through optimized SEO because you let your customer know what purpose your product serves. Even if you don’t add meta descriptions, you can still sell, but not profusely. This also comes in handy when you want to optimize your blogs.

10. Multiple Material Based Product Listing Opportunity

You can add multiple attributes for pattern, material, or image links to have a better selling experience. To avail of this opportunity, you need to make sure that your product has multiple designs & materials; otherwise, you will get a red flag.

Final Thoughts

Since the last few years, online shopping has become widely popular. Seeing this as a potential opportunity, Google has enabled Google shopping services. If you don’t take this advantage of harnessing Google as your potential marketplace to sell products & services, you are lagging in your venture.