Today, FortuneZ announced that Herbert R. Sim is joining their team as investor and advisor.

Herbert has been an active partner of FortuneZ since 2010, with a strategic collaboration deal struck in 2010 with the world’s first repository for blockchain and crypto research papers – Crypto Chain University, and subsequently in 2013, a strategic partnership deal with Asia’s high fashion and luxury online magazine – WardrobeTrendsFashion. Herbert is a Cypherpunk enthusiast and actively champions the theory of decentralization.

FortuneZ is a global media publication that provides iGaming, blockchain, and forex news. It was founded in 2000, and it is growing and developing since. FortuneZ is a business publication dedicated to helping its readers and viewers to succeed in business. And this is achieved through great storytelling and always searching for the best approach to the readers. The business community can profit a lot from FortuneZ work since it can be considered as a business guide. They are always trying to be up to the task. FortuneZ team pays a lot of attention to keeping up with the highest standards. In a practical sense, that means always delivering accurate news, being transparent and professional. They also have many partners they work with. Some of them are CEOWorld Magazine, SiGMA, AIBC summit, and others.

Herbert R. Sim is a founder of Crypto Chain University and WardrobeTrendsFashion.

Crypto Chain University is a non-profit institute. They are engaged in research only and focused on public policy issues related to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and some decentralized computing technologies. For example, Bitcoin and Ethereum. It was founded in 2010 and it is growing since then. It has a large database and a few thousand followers. It is also one of the world’s oldest institutions for Blockchain and Crypto research. They are trying to expand knowledge in this field as much as possible, and thus give their contribution to the world. Their archives provide so much educational material for everyone interested to know more about this topic. And all for free. Their main mission is to try to make people understand blockchain technologies better. And make a room for improvement in this industry.

Another Herbert R. Sim’s work is WardrobeTrendsFashion. It is Asia’s high fashion and a luxury online portal. WardrobeTrendsFashion is also known by its abbreviation WTF. The portal was established in 2009 in the United States. And was officially launched from Singapore two years later. Since then, it is providing the newest lifestyle stories and trends to its readers. They are focused on making lookbooks and campaigns that will be catching the attention of international readers all around the world. Their topics are very different and they tend to cover everything popular and interesting to people nowadays. Starting from news about celebrities, fashion news jewelry, dining, cars, technology, and many more. Practically, they want to include everything that people are talking about a lot. WardrobeTrendsFashion also has many partners. Some of them are CEO world magazine, World Vision, etc. They aspire to become globally recognized and popular in every country in the world.

Both of Sim’s works, Crypto Chain University and WardrobeTrendsFashion are engaged in charity work. And trying to give their contribution to this world in many ways.

Herbert has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts, Mass Communications, from Oklahoma City University, class of 2010. He has been a partner of Fortunez for a few years now, more precisely, from 2010. And today he is officially joining the FortuneZ team. However, he will not be working for Fortunez, but instead with them. Today he became a member of their advisory board.

If you are wondering what is the advisory board and why is it important for a business, here are some more words about it.

Having an advisory board is vital for many businesses. Including FortuneZ’s work, obviously. The advisory board is made up of experts in a certain field. And these experts provide the best possible advice and recommendations that should benefit the company. It is well known that it is best for a company that each team member does what they are best at. If you thought an advisor is only needed for a business in its beginning, think twice. A good set of experts is needed for startup businesses, as well as for developed, successful companies, such as FortuneZ.

Having an expert in a field important for your business is always a good idea. And a man with Sim’s experience and knowledge can be an amazing addition to a company. Members of the advisory board provide new perspectives, bring in credibility, and can be very cost-effective. They can help with marketing and sales since they can often see the bigger picture, and give ideas of how to get to the customers. A new, better approach is always a good way to go. The advisory board provides a lot of benefits for the company and can be a real game-changer.

Herbert R. Sims is not just an advisor, but an investor, too. Investors are important for a company’s growth and success. Everything can run smoothly and everyone can be focused on what they do the best. Without any financial interruptions and worries. With enough money, good ideas, and even better work, a business can soar into the stars. And we assume that will also be the case with FortuneZ.

Herbert had to say some optimistic words about his future collaboration with FortuneZ. While reflecting on his participation as an investor and appointment as an advisor, Sim said:  “As a strategic partner of FortuneZ since 2010, I am pleased to increase my participation in this esteemed 14-year old publication. I look forward to bring more value towards making this publication a globally recognized brand in every single household.”

Working in a globally famous company, such as Fortunez, can be very beneficial. It will most likely bring a lot of advantages to Sim, too. New experiences and work with a good team is something that can only expand a person’s knowledge and professionalism. And since FortuneZ is a business giant, it is a good way to have reliable business information at your fingertips.

It seems that the future looks bright for both of these sides. And that both Fortunez and Sim will certainly profit in many ways from what they will create by joint forces.