No matter if you’re running a small or medium organization, one of the – if not the most important – things that you could do is to talk with your clients. After all, customer engagement is a great method for building a long-lasting relationship with the individuals that are purchasing the goods and/or services you offer, which is why you have to focus on them at all times.

Basically speaking, customer engagement is all the methods you employ for connecting with your patrons and it could include things such as email campaigns, social media platforms, as well as your website. But, creating a strategy for communicating with your clients can be daunting, which is probably why you’re reading this article.

Luckily for all business owners, the article below will shed some light on how you can engage with your clients in order to gain useful insights that’ll help your business thrive. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the list of some strategies that you can consider implementing in your firm:

Run Contest on Various Social Media Platforms


If you aren’t present on social media platforms, you’re not gaining a wide range of perks that you otherwise could, and more importantly, you won’t be apt to communicate with your current and potential clients. Hence, if this applies to you, drop what you’re doing and create accounts on different websites including Twitter, Facebook, and, of course, Instagram.

So, whether you already have accounts or you’ll just open them, you could use them for running various contests. For instance, you could choose to post a picture on the website of the award you’re thinking about giving to one of your clients. Then you could ask them to comment, like, share, and/or tag someone in the comments to enter the competition.

You should remember, you must be clear on the terms and rules of the competition, hence, ensure that you write down the start and end time/date, if there will be a random draw, or if the individual who tags most people will win the award. This will help you generate more leads, meaning that you could gain useful insights from running competitions on different platforms.

Using Several Channels is a Must


Not all people use all channels out there, which means that if you want to increase your reach and respond to all of your clients, you must use several channels for your organization. However, if you do use several channels, it’ll be daunting for you to go through and gather all the relevant insights, which is why you could choose to use tools such as Recollective.

By utilizing such tools, you’ll be capable of monitoring your accounts, you can respond to different messages and emails, and you could even use it for researching all the insights you generated. These tools will save you a lot of time and they’ll make some processes easier for you, mostly because you could do everything from one place.

Focus on Your Testimonials


If there is one thing that you should take away from this article, it’s the fact that you must focus on your reviews, which means that you have to ensure that you answer all of them personally, no matter if they’re positive or negative. By doing so, your patrons will understand that you care about them, and more importantly, that you strive to improve your business.

Additionally, if there are some really positive testimonials about your products and/or services, you can choose to post them on your social media accounts, and by doing so, you’ll encourage more people to review the items you offer. This will, of course, help you gather useful information that you could use for improving your goods/services.

Don’t Neglect Older Data


Another important thing that you shouldn’t overlook is the data you have. Hence, think about the type of data you’re gathering for your information, and more importantly, you have to consider the way you’re gathering it – which could be by using surveys, Instagram questions, and so on. Then, you must think about how you could use it for enhancing the experience of your patrons.

How could you use this old data? Well, it’s quite easy, browse through it. If you, for example, notice that one of your clients keeps purchasing the same item at the beginning of each month, you might want to mail them that product for free, with a “thank you” note. By doing so, you’ll gain useful word-to-mouth marketing, something that’ll be extremely beneficial for you.

Building a Blog/Community/Forum Can Help


As you already know, different blogs, communities, and forums have been around since the Internet became popular, and it’s pretty safe to say that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The main advantage of such platforms is that you could directly and easily engage with your patrons by answering all the inquiries they have.

However, you could also have discussions with them about the industry you’re operating in, you could choose to keep them updated on new services or goods, and you could also share useful information that they could use. Additionally, the Internet made everything easy for business owners, which is why you should always use it to your advantage.

Lastly, building a community is always a suitable idea and currently, there are various websites that’ll allow you to do it easily. Like forums and blogs, you can use these Facebook or Twitter groups for talking to your clients, all of which will provide you with beneficial insights that you could use for your organization.


There is a wide range of tactics that you can implement in order to engage with your clients and generate beneficial insights that could help your business grow. From running social media competitions to ensuring that all your reviews – both good and bad – are personally answered by you, implementing some of the strategies we mentioned will help you succeed in the industry.

So, now that you’re aware of the things that you could – and definitely should – choose to do, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should go back to the beginning of our list, go through it once again, and then determine which strategy is the most suitable for your company.