As a member of a pension scheme, the rights you hold are valuable and important to you and your dependents. Your pension plan may go for many years and can also continue long after you retire, so your scheme must be appropriately managed for you to get your benefits when they are due.

Just because the plan was the right choice when you started it, it doesn’t mean it will continue to be. Therefore you need to make sure your pension continues to make the most out of your money for you even if this means moving things around from time to time.

Special Designations


If you would like to have your pension put under a trustee, then you should go for an occupational pension scheme. Trustees manage the scheme’s assets on behalf of the members, their dependents, and other beneficiaries. When retiring under a private pension scheme, you will have several options available for you.

The choices you make when entering into a pension scheme will have a crucial bearing on your financial security and that of your dependants in the future. Taking benefits under the average retirement age gives you the best chance to maximize your retirement benefits as some options only apply under a regular retirement pension arrangement.

Benefits Payable On Death

Pension arrangements are meant to provide benefits to you when you retire, and this makes you the principal beneficiary. However, pension arrangements can also provide benefits in certain circumstances, such as in the event of your death. These beneficiaries may include your spouse, children, or a civil partner. But according to the law, the term beneficiaries can have a broader definition than that.

The term dependant is defined as people who depend on you, even though these beneficiaries are not a must they be dependants. Death gives freedom to pass the pension to anyone, but in some situations, a person may have expressed a wish or nominated individuals as beneficiaries.

However, this can sometimes be problematic, and a person may choose to use the pension planning tool option of having the death benefits go into a trust. The trust gets the lump sum of your interests from the pension provider, and the trustee members administer it. The benefits payable depend on the type of pension scheme and other circumstances, such as whether or not you have children.

In case you feel that your interests will not be enough for your beneficiaries in the event of your death, you may find out other additional benefits that can be paid in the event of your death.

You can explore options like taking out a life assurance cover, and this can increase the amounts of benefits payable. In the event of death, the state provides a primary rule with a pension benefit to surviving civil partners, widows, and widowers.

Mis-Sold Pensions


A large number of pension holders across the UK have fallen victim to poor, fraudulent, or faulty advice from unregulated or unauthorized financial advisors. It is even more devastating to learn that you have placed your trust and your money in the hands of someone who is not acting in your best interest.

Additionally, this puts you and the beneficiaries at a financial security risk. Because most pensions are complex arrangements, they can be so complicated that it is even difficult to recognize whether your financial advisor has recommended the right scheme for you.

Nevertheless, all financial advisors are obliged to sell you the most suitable commercial product for you. In case of a mis-sold pension check out the website GetClaimsAdvice, you are eligible to claim compensation for mis-sold pensions. Also, if the risks were not highlighted and you received the incorrect advice about a financial product from a pension introducer, you are eligible for a mis-sold pension claim.

When you receive a call from an unregulated pension introducer who recommended specific investments while solely focusing on the sale commission, you need to know that these people are working with only themselves in mind and what they’re selling probably has very little benefit to you, or even worse could land you in financial trouble.

These people often target the elderly directly via telephone as they’re seen as more vulnerable, people can even be signed up to schemes without realizing that’s what they’re doing.

Ideally, you will be introduced to a financial advisor by someone that is personally recommending them, a family member, or friend who has used them and trusts them.



For many of us, retirement is a long way off, and a pension is something we think about very rarely, if not never.

Some of us are lucky and can be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme through our employer and may even be saving for it already without realizing it. However, the rest of us should be giving it some more thought. If we’ve been reading this with an elderly loved one in mind, you should have your retirement in mind too.

Retirement comes in all shapes and sizes, and how people spend those years varies greatly.

Some people even wait their whole lives to retire then can’t bear all the free time when they have it. Some people travel the world or go on luxury cruises, some people devote their lives to a hobby that they’ve always wanted to try but never had the time.

No matter how you spend the time you want to make sure it’s your choice, and you’re not held back by what you can or cannot afford. That’s why setting up a pension early and making sure it continues to make the most of your money for you is so important.

We hope this article has helped you gain some knowledge regarding pensions, what to look out for, what’s essential, and also mis-sold pensions, which unfortunately is very common. However, you chose to spend it we wish you a very happy retirement.