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The design and layout of the office, its decoration can tell a lot about the company’s success, its position on the market, attitude towards employees and customers.

The office is the face of the company. It is the interior of the office that forms the initial idea of ​​the visitor about the level of the enterprise, its financial situation, and, as a result, about its suitability for cooperation. Therefore, a poorly equipped office can cost its owner much more money than the services of professional builders, finishers, and the purchase of comfortable furniture.

Many executives have already experienced for themselves how the success of a business depends on the interior of the office. It is not for nothing that large companies choose A-class offices in prestigious business centers and do expensive office renovations on a turn-key basis with the involvement of professional designers.

Why does your office need decoration?

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First of all, let’s think about whom the office and workplaces are designed for? And why should you invest in office decoration at all?

If comfortable workplaces are needed to achieve higher and higher results by the company’s employees, then a well-decorated reception will make a good impression on your visitors. However, it makes no sense to create an expensive and luxurious office if clients do not come to you at all or do it rarely. The main thing is to equip the staff’s workplaces.

Nevertheless, if your business still involves working with clients, then be sure to pay special attention to the interior. The office should show the well-being of the company and its solidity. The office should demonstrate the area of ​​business in which the company operates. After all, the offices of an advertising agency and a bank cannot be similar. It is also important to emphasize the taste of the owners and let the clients understand what kind and level of services they can get here.

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It is necessary to make optimal use of the entire office space. It is best to divide it into two zones – front office and back office. Front-office (reception, meeting rooms, executive offices) emphasizes the status. When equipping a back office, first of all, attention is paid to the working process and the staff.


Primarily, the workplace of the secretary or office manager, the reception desk, or the waiting areas, draws our attention. These zones should indicate the status and branch of business. The interior of the places is usually decorated in a classic office style, minimalism, hi-tech or modern style, as well as in light colors. Such premises have large windows and a lot of daylight.

It is not recommended to experiment with the design of the reception area if the company does not represent a creative business and does not want to demonstrate its creative approach to solving problems right from the door.

Direct sales offices, meeting rooms

These premises should also demonstrate the status of the company, help to increase sales, and evoke positive emotions from both staff and customers. For this purpose, competent designers, when decorating offices of such a plan, try to avoid unnecessary elements. On the one hand, the clients should not be distracted by anything from the purpose of their visit. On the other hand, some decor elements should push them to buy your product or service.

In general, customers should feel relaxed and comfortable. They should have a desire to come here again and even tell their friends about the visit. This effect is achieved due to:

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  • right zoning and correct furniture arrangement ;
  • correct lighting;
  • the use of comfortable and high-quality furniture for both employees and customers;
  • placement of advertising products or decorative elements related to the company’s field of activity.

Quite expensive furniture is an important component of the interior of such rooms. It can be classic and respectable, or fashionable and stylish, but certainly of high quality. Such furniture will have served for a long time.

In addition, the decoration of the walls, ceiling, and floors is also important. Light-colored painted walls and epoxy floors are most popular with business owners. As for the latter, this type of flooring is the safest and most reliable. However, as with choosing furniture, it is worth giving preference to specialized companies, for instance, in Florida. Then you will not have to make repairs in a couple of years.

Executive’s office

Business partners, investors, representatives of competing firms, the media, and other organizations enter the executive’s office. It is important to point out the status of the company, its success, and demonstrate respectability to all of them.

High-quality and fairly expensive materials are used to decorate the CEO’s offices. In most cases, the classic design style is chosen. It is better if the interior of the office differs by its originality and uniqueness.

For IT companies, the executive’s office can be decorated in a high-tech style, or elements of this style should be used in the setting. Glass, steel, natural wood in such interiors will come in handy.

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Back Office or non-direct sales offices

Office space for ordinary staff can be decorated in any style. When creating the interior, the traditional principles of zoning and the recommendations of psychologists regarding the influence of color on performance are taken into account.

Since these premises are not involved in the formation of the company’s image, the goal of attracting a designer is to create maximum comfort for employees. In addition to workplaces, a recreation area is created for them, a small kitchen is installed, and an eating place is equipped.

The interior of such offices should adjust to the working mood, promote efficiency and productivity of labor. Depending on the direction of activity of this or that department and the company as a whole, they can be designed unconventional and with creativity.

Let’s summarize

Office interior is an integral part of any business. If your office is not visited by clients, then be sure to take care of the comfort of your employees by organizing a workspace for them.

Moreover, when choosing an office for a business, it is worth considering the driving time and the availability of parking lots. The more difficult it is to get to the office, the fewer staff want to come there. If clients visit you often, then they should easily get to your office, and not wander through the back streets. Remember that the success of your business depends on everything. We wish you all the best!