There is an opinion that automated testing will help in solving any problem. Sometimes it is really true. With automation, you can perform regression analysis and check the old code. However, it does not affect the significance of manual testing in any way. In practice, it has been proven that a person always shows the best results. Only a lead QA professional with experience will be able to understand complex automation scenarios. The responsibilities of such a specialist will include their support. In addition, automated test cases appear only after manual testing courses.

Why do businesses believe they will automate so many tests?


Automated testing accelerates software implementation. Quick feedback helps to identify errors and problems in the application at an early stage. It ensures that companies are interested in creating reliable applications to optimize business processes. In addition, the ability to conduct effective testing will help reduce the company’s costs. It is due to saving time spent on development. Moreover, as a result of the work done, specialists will be able to make changes in the code. At the same time, the risks of a malfunction of the application will be minimal.

IT-samples automation has the following advantages:

  • quick feedback;
  • functional test coverage;
  • the ability to quickly identify errors;
  • reuse of tests;
  • software delivery time is faster;
  • saving material and time costs.

Despite the advantages, the initial investment in automation processes may be too high. The company will need to purchase the software, and incur the costs of training staff to work with it. Designing and creating new tests will also be expensive. But if businesses develop new features in the product more often, then automated testing will become cheaper than manual one.

Why businesses like test automation


Automated testing plays an important role in building more productive business processes. It is due to different reasons:

  • Test automate starts according to the schedule. Its launch does not depend on the human factor. The check will be carried out as many times as necessary.
  • The robot will perform the test faster.
  • Multi-functionality. Robots are able to test the functionality with different software settings.
  • With the help of automation, you can simulate the actions of different users.
  • Autotests free QA specialists who have responsibility for them from routine. Most often, the main functionality of IT-samples is checked with the help of a robot, while a person focuses on testing the introduced changes.
  • Cost savings are the main goal of automation in business.

In practice, it has been proven that the development of automatic testing will take more time compared to the manual one. In addition, you will need a well-paid QA specialist with high qualifications. However, over time, all costs will pay off. If there is no need for constant updating, the test will work almost for free.

What’s the equation to calculate whether a manual or an automated test is better?


Before making a decision about automation, you need to find out what the benefits will be from this process. You need to take into account the time, resources, and effort spent on development for doing it.

According to the quality control specialists who have responsibility for software support, not all tests should be automated. However, there are also those projects for which automation is desirable. They include:

  • The critical path method: the development of features that are evaluated from a business point of view (the appearance of additional costs). A decrease in conversions should preferably not be observed.
  • Tests that need to be run after each build/release. For example, Regression, Smoke, Sanity.
  • Tests that run on different operating systems and browsers.
  • If the same script is used for different tests, but the data for the run will be different. Such tests are data- driven.
  • When large amounts of data are used to create testing.
  • Provided that the performance will be tested (load option).
  • Those that take a lot of time to complete, or those tests that should be run at night.
  • If necessary, make an image capture. This will help to prove that the application is functioning properly. You can also check if certain web pages look the same when using different browsers.

Lead QA specialists with experience and a good resume recommend paying attention to the following characteristic: the more often the test is run, the higher is the need to automate it. In addition to the tests, you can automate other tasks. For example, setting up software or creating data for manual testing can also be automated.

Tests automation is not needed for the following purposes:

  • Tests that are run only once. An exception may be a test with large amount of data. Even if it is launched once, it makes sense to make it automated.
  • Tests that suggest the appearance of a user’s reaction to ease of use.
  • Testing that needs to be launched in a short time. A new feature requires quick feedback, so it should be tested manually.
  • Research testing which will require domain knowledge and experience.
  • Interrupt testing. The desired effect of automation will be achieved only if the results are predictable and reliable in order to pass the pass/fail conditions.
  • If necessary, visual confirmation. During autotests, you can take screenshots, and therefore check them manually.
  • Tests that do not need automation can only be automated if this process does not help save time.

The role of automation in the development of the IT sphere cannot be underestimated. In practice, many QA specialists note that the question whether it is worth automating the test or checking software programs manually — does not always sound correct. You cannot choose one thing and completely abandon the other.