As the New Year approaches, numerous resolutions are made, ranging from weight loss to meditation, as a lot of people try to improve themselves. Similarly, it’s a perfect opportunity to set resolutions for your business in 2024. One essential aspect to contemplate is whether it’s time to upgrade your business signage.

However, this upgrade doesn’t only include replacing your existing signage with a newer version. Instead, it’s essential to explore various signage options that can enhance the overall appearance of your business and attract new customers.

As you delve into the possibilities of installing new business signage in 2024, here are some options worth considering.

1. Give Your Branding a Revamped Appearance

Before delving into the types of signs to consider, take a moment to assess your logo and overall branding. Is it time to modernize the design and feel of your signage? Hardly any brands have remained unchanged over the years, and a fresh, contemporary look can infuse new excitement and attract a fresh stream of customers. However, it’s crucial not to alter things aimlessly or randomly. An unplanned logo or branding change might alienate your current customers, discourage potential ones, or even harm your brand recognition. Collaborate with a signage professional to craft a new logo or branding strategy that is well-thought-out, strategic, and impactful while retaining the essence of your identity.

2. Try LED Retrofits


If your current signs or parking lot lighting still rely on traditional light bulbs, it’s high time to embrace a new signage and lighting strategy by opting for LED retrofits. By making this switch, you can significantly reduce electricity consumption, with LEDs using 50 to 90% less energy than fluorescent and HID fixtures. Additionally, the extended lifespan of LEDs is impressive; they last 8 to 10 times longer than most CFLs, 20 to 25 times longer than halogen bulbs, and an astounding 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs. As a result, implementing LED retrofits not only leads to cost savings in terms of electricity bills but also minimizes maintenance expenses.

3. Invest in Halo Lit Metal Signage

For a truly impressive and captivating new business sign, consider embracing halo-lit metal signage. This fabrication style creates a stunning glowing halo effect on the wall behind the sign. Typically constructed from aluminum, stainless steel, or formed plastic, halo-lit metal signs are mounted in a way that sets them slightly apart from the wall, allowing LED lighting to project onto the wall surface and produce mesmerizing halo illumination. This visually striking approach is a wonderful way to distinguish your business signage from the mundane sea of ordinary signage in the vicinity.

4. Flex Face Signs


If you’re seeking a more conventional signage option that can attract new customers all year round, consider the versatility of new flex face signs. Typically utilized for larger signs requiring seamless plastic or aluminum faces, flex face signage features an aluminum or steel cabinet adorned with custom-made flex face material. This signage type is favored for its durability, high level of customization, and ease of installation in various locations, be it on the side of a building or a freestanding pole. With flex face signs, you can elevate your business’s visibility while effectively conveying the desired message to potential customers.

5. Dimensional Sign Letters

This signage variety is designed to make your business truly stand out, as it boasts a striking 3-dimensional appearance. Crafted from a wide array of materials, including acrylic, plastic, and even luxurious options like brass or bronze, dimensional sign letters are a fantastic way to capture the attention of passersby, whether they are driving or walking. This effect is particularly pronounced in areas filled with older or more traditional signs. Dimensional sign letters add a touch of elegance when mounted on industrial brick buildings, stone walls, or other architectural elements, effectively accentuating them without diverting attention away.

6. Check Out Dynamic Message Displays


On occasion, your business may need to convey a wealth of information to people passing by, such as promotions and upcoming events you’re hosting. Embracing electronic message centers is an excellent means of keeping customers informed about unmissable deals and new products. With these displays, you have the freedom to program and showcase graphics, animations, text, or any content you desire. Their vivid, vibrant, and captivating nature makes them an eye-catching way to boost business throughout the new year.


As we approach the new year, it’s a great moment for businesses to assess and enhance their signage strategies. Upgrading your business signage can breathe new life into your brand, attract more customers, and set your establishment apart from the competition. Remember to carefully consider the design and branding elements to ensure a fresh, modern look that aligns with your identity. Explore energy-efficient options like LED retrofits to save on electricity costs and maintenance expenses while making a positive environmental impact.

Halo-lit signs offer a visually stunning way to make a bold statement, while flex-face signs provide a versatile and durable solution for both large and small signs. For a standout impression, dimensional sign letters add a touch of elegance and sophistication, making your business truly stand out.

Incorporating electronic message centers allows you to keep customers informed about your latest offerings and events, using dynamic and captivating displays to drive business growth.

By considering these various signage options and making strategic choices, your business can start the new year with a fresh and appealing look, increasing visibility and attracting new customers throughout the year. Working with signage professionals will ensure that your choices are carefully planned, impactful, and in line with your business goals. Embrace the opportunities that the new year brings, and let your upgraded business signage set the stage for a successful and prosperous year ahead.