Visualization is core to any modern marketing affair. You must display your products and ads attractively to appeal to the target customers. Neon signs become a crucial tool in this journey. The lights can emit different colors, which are attractive and capture the audience’s attention.

The neon signs offer beautiful, bright rays that enable you to showcase your products and services, create awareness, and drive sales. They are also an excellent add-on to your home, giving it a cozy and aesthetic look. However, they do not last forever.

Like other electronics, your neon signs can break. Replacing them can be a tough journey. Fortunately, they are fixable. You can repair your neon signs and continue using them. Here are some steps to consider when considering a neon sign repair:

Assess the signs of power source


Your neon sign might be okay, but you have an issue with the power supply. Before ruling out to fix the sign itself, it is crucial to assess the power source. Ensure that the sign is well-plugged into a working outlet. If the current outlet is not working, try plugging it into a different one.

When the plug is not the problem, you need to assess other elements in the system. Check whether the circuit breaker is okay. Be sure that the power source is not the reason for the malfunction of your business neon signs.

Inspect the sign

When you confirm the power source is okay, focus on the neon sign repair. You should assess whether it has any visible damage. Lookout for cracks or breaks on its tube. Assess whether the transformer is showing any faults.

When you notice some issues with the tube, you can consider replacing it. Opt for a neon tube replacement service near your area. If there are no such issues, you need to move to the next step.

Test the transformer

Your neon sign might not be working due to a fault in its transformer. You cannot determine this issue by checking it with the naked eye. You will need to use a specific tool for this task. A multimeter can help test your neon sign transformer and its functioning properly.

Start the process by turning off the power to the sign. This act is essential to avoid electric shocks and other regrettable consequences. Now, disconnect the neon transformer. Set your meter to check the voltage. Touch the meter’s leads to the transformer’s input and output terminals. Focus your eyes on the meter readings.

The meter should read a voltage amount close to the rating on the transformer. If this is not the case, your transformer is faulty. You must buy a new one and fix it for your neon signs.

Replace all broken parts in your neon signs

You might notice that your neon signs have multiple broken parts. Maybe the tube has cracks or is broken. Some connections are faulty and require replacement. If you find some broken parts in your neon signs, you will need to replace them.

Remove the broken parts carefully and ensure they do not impact other areas. Ensure you have disconnected it from the power source to avoid further damage. Importantly, do not leave any part that seems faulty or broken in your sign.

Reassemble the sign


Now, everything that had some issues has been replaced. You need to reassemble the sign. Get every piece to its rightful position to return the sign to its original state. When everything is okay, test the neon sign to ensure it works properly.

All you need is to turn on the power to the sign. Assess every section of the sign and ensure the neon is lighting up. Check each color and design to ensure it is up and running as it initially did. If everything is functional, you can be happy. Your sign is ready for use in your business display affairs.

Get a professional to handle the task

Trying to fix a neon sign can be a risky task. You can suffer regrettable consequences due to the gas and another electrical malfunctioning. You should not take up the neon repair task unless you are an electrician. Consider hiring a professional who has experience in neon sign repair.

The professional will show up with the right tools and equipment. Also, they have the right skills and can determine the issue with your signs within a short duration. Their task will also observe various safety measures to ensure no one suffers injury. So, consider engaging a professional to complete the work perfectly and faster.

Safety Precautions to Follow When Handling Neon Signs


First and foremost, always make sure that you are wearing protective gear such as gloves and a face mask when repairing or working with neon signs. This will help protect you from any hazardous materials that may be present in the sign’s components. Additionally, use tools such as screwdrivers and wire cutters with care to avoid accidental contact with high-voltage components or wires.

Make sure to switch off the power before attempting any repairs or maintenance on a neon sign. Most neon signs feature two power switches – one located at the back of the sign which disconnects the main power supply and another located near the front which controls the individual lighting elements within the sign. Never work on an illuminated neon sign as this could be extremely hazardous.

When repairing or replacing parts inside a neon sign, always ensure that all electrical connections are secure before switching on the power again. It is also important to check that all exposed wires are securely taped down so as not to come into direct contact with other wiring or metal parts within the sign enclosure which could lead to electric shock if touched. Finally, remember to unplug all electrical appliances before attempting maintenance on your neon sign in order to avoid any risks of electrocution from stray currents passing through exposed wiring and connectors.

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In a word, repairing a business neon sign can be a complex process. You need to be careful and attentive to accomplish the task. Essentially, you require some basic knowledge of electrical systems. Otherwise, work with a professional to avoid hurtful consequences.