Every website requires optimization to compete for keywords that will drive organic traffic to it. But one tool that offers your website more than to simply track its performance on the web, is a tool called rank tracker. Rank trackers are very popular among SEO experts because of multiple things.

The need to understand which of your strategies work, and which don’t, is something that rank trackers are mostly used for. Another important element of the SEO game is analytics, which is another thing that rank trackers offer you. But not only that, but this tool also gives you a full diagnosis or every keyword you have on the web, which gives you a competitive advantage over the rest of the competition in your niche.

These are some of the most basic advantages that websites with rank trackers have over those who don’t. However, there are far more when it comes to this tool, and we’re going to discuss that in greater detail.

Rank Trackers Help You Identify What Works


Search Engine Optimization is a cruel world that leaves no room for mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes in SEO is following a strategy based on what people say online. There are no rules in SEO, apart from the obvious ones, and if you simply read about a specific strategy that has worked, it well and truly might not work for you in the current situation.

If you’ve read online that backlinking is the way to go or writing long content, then you are simply neglecting the fact that you are following a trend that might not work for you. Not every website can be compared. Older websites that have an established presence on the internet have used their own variations of these strategies.

But for your website, you need to come up with your own SEO strategy that will work. Don’t give up instantly, and simply ride out the storm. Abandoning the online gospel is another thing that you should not do, instead, use that as a way to generate new ideas.

Now, to see if a strategy works you need to test it. The best way to test a strategy is to use rank tracking. We explained that rank tracking gives you an in-depth view of your keywords on the web and that it allows you to track the progress of your website. Well, after you’ve come up with a strategy you can monitor how your keywords perform using rank tracking.

To succeed you need feedback to understand where you can improve. Rank tracking is the best and most convenient way to stay on top of your SEO game.

Increases Revenue


Rank tracking not only gives you a rundown of which keywords drive you the most traffic but also which pages of your site drive the most conversions. Having visitors on your website means nothing if those visitors don’t bring you any revenue. It’s all about them having a look at what you have to offer, and you can use the data with rank tracking to generate even more conversions.

Since rank tracking offers you a greater look at how each keyword and page rank on the web, you can come up with ideas to generate new content and try to rank for it on the internet. You would have seen what has worked on the pages that drive conversions against those that don’t and come up with a strategy that will ultimately bring you more revenue.

One rank tracking tool that offers everything we’ve mentioned yet, and then some more, is a tool called SERPreme. SERPreme is the only rank tracker that lets you have an account with only 1 keyword in it and you only pay for that keyword, so why not give it a try.

Rank Tracking Monitors Your Competitors

Monitoring your competition is very common in SEO. But doing it rather inconvenient, to say the least. With rank tracking tools, you can monitor each and every one of your competitor’s websites by simply adding them to the list. Naturally, you would use this tool to compare your main keywords and how they perform against those of your competitors.

While your brand will certainly have more than a few keywords or keyphrases, you can always compare for the highest-volume and purchase-intense ones. If some of your competitors start gaining ground on you, then you can look into more depth about it. You can safely uncover his strategy, whether that is publishing more content, getting more backlinks, or running social media campaigns.

Rank Tracking Helps Uncover The Reasons Why Your Traffic Drops


You’ve probably been in this situation before. It’s Friday and you cannot wait to see how your website has performed over the week. But after running initial numbers, you see that your website has actually had a dip by %35 this week compared to last. This is certainly something that no one wants to see as it means %35 less revenue this week. But you cannot sit and wait for it to improve; you need to find out what’s the cause for it.

With rank tracking tools you can safely uncover the reasons as to why you’ve had a sudden drop of traffic. And the best place to do it is to review your keyword rankings.

From the initial review of your keywords, you can come to the conclusion as to why you’ve had a drop.

If your post drops one place below on Google SERPs, then that is likely the cause for the sudden drop in traffic. If this is the case, then you need to reoptimize that specific page and bring it back to the position it was.

If your ranking for multiple keywords has decreased overnight, then the likely problem, in this case, is an update by Google or any other search engine you’re using. In this case, look for an update from your search engine that will explain the recent algorithm changes. If this is truly the case, then some of your pages are likely penalized by the recent shift in algorithm and you need to start making some changes to your web pages.