While many people enjoy working regular business hours and spending time in the office, many others have had enough of the monotonous lifestyle. This especially applies to people who cannot travel that often due to their job and one’s who are struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

If you are one such individual, you might have wondered if there was an alternative that would allow you to have more free time to enjoy the nicer things in life. Maybe you are already considering switching to working remotely or setting up a location independent business of your own.

Today, thanks to technology and the internet, there is no more need for choosing between having a career and more free time for your hobbies or interests. A location independent lifestyle offers you the best of both.

And although deciding to make such a change might seem difficult and quite daunting, especially when you think about losing the great pay and benefits your desk job has to offer, constructing the right business model will allow you to combine working, traveling, freedom, and all your other passions into one. Here are some things to know to help you make up your mind.

What Does it Mean?


Location independence entails having a home base while being able to work from other places too. Simply, you can determine where to conduct your work at times that are most suitable for you and your business. This gives you more freedom to create work and leisure schedules as you see fit.

Although this is similar to a digital nomad, they also have some key differences. For example, digital nomads have no home base and simply work wherever their computer is. They set goals to be able to work anywhere in the world and mostly make a living so that they can keep traveling.

In What Ways Can One Achieve This?


1. Freelancing

If you have a specific set of skills you can offer as online services, then this is the easiest way to start. The opportunities are endless, as long as you put in time and effort into developing a website that includes the services you are selling, your past projects, referrals, and reviews.

Do some research on what kind of jobs you could do with your particular skills before setting up your site. Of course, do not forget to market yourself.

2. Entrepreneurship

Starting your own online company requires a lot of hard work and responsibility. However, if you have expert knowledge in a certain niche or a passion for something, this might be the best option to choose from.

Many entrepreneurs offer services rather than products and they can include anything from marketing, web developing, and design to fitness, writing, and much more. If you love sharing what you know, you can also become a trainer, coach, teacher, and instructor.

If it is your first time venturing into such a business, you might want to consider investing in an online course that will teach you everything there is to know about starting an online business. For example, the Online Expert Empire (OEE) program created by John Spencer Ellis provides a complete online business plan for anyone who wants to share their knowledge, passion, or niche with others.

3. Remote Work


Working remotely simply means you do not have to commute and go to the office, although you still work for someone else. If you are hesitant to leave your current company, you can try approaching your boss and explaining why it would be good for you to do your job remotely and how that might benefit the company. Make sure you plan carefully and include plausible reasons and suggestions before making your proposal.

Your other option simply involves finding an online job and luckily there is no shortage of them on the internet. From teaching languages, tutoring, and blogging to web and graphic design, advertising, and much, much more.

What Are Some Businesses One Can Start?

This solely depends on your education, niche, previous work experience, but also your passion and interests. You can start an online business based on what you are an expert in or you can decide to pick up new skills, perfect them, and then start working.

Nevertheless, some of the most common startups involve digital marketing, SEO services, blogging, online education, web design, software or web development, public relations, graphic design, photography, project management, and advertising.

Things to Have in Mind


You Cannot Work from Absolutely Anywhere – this is because your choice will depend on several factors, most importantly having access to an internet connection and power.

An Internet Connection is Essential – yes, this is true, however, a fast and stable internet connection would be more accurate. This is especially important if you have to communicate with clients or customers from around the world.

You Can Set Your Work Time However You Please strictly speaking, yes and no. You can set your schedule as you wish, but working with a worldwide clientele might require staying up late or waking up very early and sometimes even both.

This also applies if your business is dependent on social media because you will have to post regularly, at least once a day and around the same time when you usually get the most engagements. Even with post scheduling apps, you should be present and communicate with your audience.

You Do Not Need an Office – working while in bed, in a coffee shop, or on your couch might seem like a great way to do business. However, being too relaxed might make it harder for you to concentrate and be productive and it might also harm your back, shoulders, neck, and posture.


Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether you are ready to make such a step or not. If you have the desire to make a change but are also feeling afraid or anxious about it, consider taking online courses to help you prepare for your new life.

There are many benefits to this kind of lifestyle, even though it does not mean your life will be a vacation. However, it can definitely make it more exciting, so if you are ready, go ahead and make a change for the better.