When the worldwide pandemic hit, a fleet of people learned what it was like to work remotely for the first time. Figuring out how to successfully work from home can be a complicated process. For instance, what’s the best way to set up your workstation? How do you manage your time well?

Luckily, in the world of IT, many people have been working remotely for a great many years so there are plenty of strategies you can use to join them in your working-from-home adventure. Allowing IT professionals to work outside of a traditional office setting has many benefits and provided you have electricity and a stable internet connection you can work from anywhere!

Whether you’re looking for encouragement to continue your remote work, or you’re looking to start a new career that is currently home-based, here are some excellent tips to help you find continued success.

As you start off on your journey, look for the right match when choosing the right remote IT jobs to apply to. With the right qualifications, you’ll land a role that you love doing from home. You may need to change a few of your working habits, but soon you’ll see that working remotely is a great option!

Maintain Consistent Working Hours


When you’re working from home (or not a typical office) it’s important to set yourself up with a schedule. There will always be tasks that need to be completed when you’re working in Information Technology. Setting some specific boundaries and hours to work will be helpful.

The flexibility of working remotely can mean that you don’t need to feel chained to your desk or workspace for the typical working hours. Your company may set specific hours they would like you to be available and you should follow them. But you may also have the option to choose your hours. Having a consistent schedule from day to day will help your work-life balance.

Of course, during busy times you may have to work a little longer or on days you wouldn’t typically work. Keep track of your time so you can get paid accordingly if you are hourly. Having a routine can help your productivity and allow you the chance to stay focused as needed.

Set a small routine to help you get started daily whether you like to drink your coffee while checking your email, or getting your to-do-list written before anything else is accomplished. You may find you need to make changes as your workload shifts, but having some consistency and routine you can depend on will help your remote work job be successful.

Set Up Your Space


In an ideal world, every remote IT employee would have a dedicated office in their home. But even without one, you can still be successful. You’ll know exactly what you need to do your job correctly. Whether you have a separate computer for work and home or you have only one, there are still ways to make your work life better.

For instance, when your laptop is hooked up to the monitor and keyboard, you’re on “work time” versus when it’s on your lap. You can also dedicate a desk space that you’ll use primarily as your office space. That way, when you’re away from it you don’t have to focus on your work needs any longer.

Keep your office space clean and tidy. Clutter can be distracting which could get in the way of your productivity. You will need to determine how you work best. You may prefer to look out a window or that might steal your focus too much. The natural lighting a window provides can help your eyes, but the cons may outweigh the pros if you’ll be distracted.

Keep Track of Your VPN Password


Every time you log into your company’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) you will have to enter a password. Your company will certainly want you to work solely on the VPN to maintain secure internet connections, especially if you’re getting into other computers to fix them. When you’re working remotely, this will often come as a text message or through a secure mobile app.

This means it will be crucial to not misplace your mobile phone and to keep it in working order. You wouldn’t want to be unable to work because you couldn’t access the VPN. Keep track of your VPN password phone for success working from home.

Communicate Well


Communication, when you work remotely, is of the utmost importance. Tell everyone you’re working with your availability and capabilities. If you complete a task, let your supervisor know so they can assign you the next one. It’s okay to even over-communicate when you work at home. It’s better to remind someone of something the second time than to have a mistake made.

IT professionals need to be clear and concise with their communications. You may be asked to explain how a particular system works and the person you’re speaking to may not have a background in IT. When you aren’t in personal contact with someone it could become more difficult to determine if they understand what you’ve told them.

Be sure that you always leave room for questions when you’re communicating with someone new, to make sure you’re on the same page. Don’t forget that it can be difficult to detect a tone in an email, so err on the side of positive.

Enjoy The Perks


Working from home remotely can bring about some great flexibility and perks so feel free to enjoy them! Whether you bake a loaf of bread just because you can, or enjoy watching a movie during your downtime, as long as you are on track to finish your projects on time there’s no reason you can’t have some fun while you work.

Some people prefer to get up and get dressed every day, while others enjoy that they can wear more comfortable attire while they work. Figure out what works best for you so that you can still work well. Remember that if you are expected to patch in via a webcam you should be sure you’re wearing clothes that are well suited to be seen professionally.

You find you enjoy that you don’t have to smell the communal kitchen. However, working remotely doesn’t mean you need to be isolated from your coworkers and forging connections with them. You’ll just need to work a little harder to build those relationships.

There’s a great work-life balance to be had when working remotely and that can be a real benefit for IT professionals. Don’t be hard on yourself if occasionally your focus drifts or you occasionally don’t accomplish as much. As long as it doesn’t become a habit, you’re still in a good position.

A Final Word


Whether you enjoy the reduction in traveling costs as you avoid a commute, or you just enjoy being able to work anywhere in the world, many IT jobs can be done remotely. Setting up a schedule, focusing on communication, and enjoying the perks will help you be successful for a long time. Both long and short-term remote working IT careers can be positive!

The inherent flexibility of working remotely has been brought into the spotlight as more and more people begin to work from home during the global pandemic. What was once reserved for a few remote staff, now nearly any IT career can benefit and succeed from a remote working set up. It is not only a great fit for the employer but also the employees as well.

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