If you have a very large seating area or you just want to install the largest TV, there are not many options. Even though large televisions continue to gain popularity, you will find much more offers within 70-75-77 inches.

We tested 5 TVs available in this diagonal, below you will see our recommendations on which 80-inch TVs to buy in 2019. You can check more, just visit the website

Sony XBR85X900F


The best 80-inch TV we tested is Sony XBR85X900F. It offers high image quality and is suitable for a wide variety of uses and rooms. It has excellent features in a dark room with deep black and excellent contrast ratio, full support for local dimming, as well as vibrant colors thanks to its wide color gamut. At the same time, it is a good choice for bright rooms, since the TV panel can be bright enough to prevent glare, it also copes with lighting. The motion processing is also great thanks to its fast response, thanks to which fast scenes look smooth with a short blur. The X900F also performs well in games due to its low input delay.

Unfortunately, the Sony XBR85X900F has poor viewing angles due to the VA panel; it may not fit into a room where people will look at the screen at an angle. Finally, we should note that we tested the 55-inch XBR55X900F.

Samsung UN82 NU8000


If the Sony X900F is too expensive, then the best budget TV we tested is the 80-inch Samsung UN82NU8000. The NU8000 performs slightly worse than the X900F in a dark room since it does not have a local dimming function. The overall image quality is very similar, although the NU8000 is not so bright in HDR mode.

Samsung NU8000 has great gaming features. In addition to its excellent and low input latency, it also supports FreeSync variable refresh rate, which is very good if you have an Xbox One S or X that supports Auto Low Latency. When connected to a PS4 or Xbox One, the NU8000 determines when a game is playing, after which it automatically switches to game mode.



If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, buy the 2017 Vizio E80-E3 E Series, this is one of the best 80-inch televisions in this price range. You won’t get the same excellent gray uniformity or Samsung NU8000 brightness levels, and there’s no Samsung Q6FN motion interpolation or low input delay here. On the other hand, the Vizio E 2017 series is a large TV that will work decently in most cases. It should be noted that there is no TV tuner, so you will need an external one if you want to connect it to a cable or antenna to watch the channels of general broadcasting.

Samsung QN82 Q6 FN

If you want the best colors in the 82-inch diagonal, look at the Samsung QN82Q6FN. Q6FN is a QLED TV that has excellent color gamut and even better. It offers slightly better contrast than the Samsung NU8000. Thus, viewing in a dark room would be better. And while it is slightly better, the Q6FN is slightly more expensive than the NU8000, so this is not necessarily the best choice for everyone.

Sony XBR85X850F


If you like the Sony X900F but are looking for something cheaper, take a look at the XBR85X850F. While most X850Fs are equipped with IPS panels, the 85-inch model has a VA panel. It is expected that the 85X850F will be able to offer similar performance to the 85X900F, just the TV does not have the function of local dimming throughout the array. It also has component input, which is nice if you use old consoles that support component output. It is best for you if you are decorating your new home and want a luxury look.