Cryptocurrency seems to be gaining popularity with every passing day. As such, there are different elements that affect it in one way another. Network effect is a term that refers to a major change in the value of a product or a service due to an increase in its usage. Network effect is very important in the cryptocurrency world. For instance, there may be a sudden increase in the number of people joining a certain blockchain network which can trigger a network effect.

In definition, a network effect is considered to be an economic effect, which prompts an increased number of users to a service or a product on a specific network. Where a network effect takes place, the new users join without any incentives and this gives more value to the network. Besides the new users causing an increase in the value of a product or service, the overall network value also improves.

When there was an increase in the number of users joining telephone networks, they became more affordable and improved the value of the network. This is a classic example of a network effect and how it works. In the cryptocurrency world, there are different types of products.

This is still a new sector that comes with interesting technology and so much to offer. In recent days, it has become increasingly popular and relevant among different users. Looking at the statistics, there have been cases where inferior projects were known to get a larger market share in a shorter time.

Role of Network Effect on Markets


Before getting to the role of network effects, it is important to start by stating that there are two different categories of network effect:

  • Direct network effects
  • Indirect network effects

The direct network effect is just as the name implies; it is straightforward and has a direct effect. In this case, an increase in the number of users increases the value of the entire network. As for the indirect network effect, an increase in a certain group of users tends to benefit another group of users.

Cryptocurrencies are considered to be open-source projects and as such there are so many other factors that are considered after a network effect. With more users joining existing networks such as, there will be effects that push certain crypto projects to be the leaders in the industry.

How Network Effect Works on Cryptocurrency Markets


When you are in the cryptocurrency world, you cannot ignore network effects. This is one of the crucial factors to consider and pay attention to. Bitcoin, being the largest cryptocurrency, is known to have a very strong network effect. This tends to attract quite a number of users and those who mine Bitcoin are able to sustain the security of the network without any security concerns.

As it stands, even if there was to be a new project that was to emerge that is similar to Bitcoin, users would not find the need to migrate. Bitcoin, for instance, is designed in such a manner where users would want to hang on to it for a long period of time.

While it is evident that network effects can cause serious effects on decentralized finance, currently, there is no project that has had any significant effect. It is also important to note there are negative network effects, where new users join a network and cause a decline in the value of the network.

Reminder: Why Cryptocurrencies Are So Popular These Days


We hope that everything around the network effect and its influence on crypto is clear now. However, before we end this article, we would like to remind you of one thing – why cryptos are so popular these days. Well, we can’t answer that question in 2 or 3 words. We will highlight the most common reasons that will probably change your way of thinking and convince you even more that investing in crypto is a good choice. Let’s go!

Quick and Cheap Transactions


More and more businesses are changing their way of functioning. You will find a lot of online shops out there accepting crypto-based payments. The reasons why they are doing that are simple. First of all, they want to meet their requirements and expectations of a certain group of their customers.

That is one of the methods they have that will allow them to boost their reputation among people. Another reason why they are doing that is the attraction of new customers. Cryptos allowed them to reach a completely new target audience that strictly buys products and pays for services with Bitcoin and other altcoins. Speaking of average people, they also have a big number of advantages as well.

All the crypto transactions are relatively quick, and they can get their money for a couple of minutes. Banks have their work hours, and they also do not approve transactions during the weekends and holidays.  On the other hand, there are also no certain fees they would have to pay with regular transactions because there are no financial institutions involved. These are all the reasons why you should (as an individual or business) decide to work with virtual currencies.

Cryptos Are Becoming Legal In Different Parts of the World


It is not a secret that people did not believe in digital currencies at first. However, over time, people started to realize all the benefits they could get. Because of that, governments had to change the financial laws and adapt them to a new payment method.

The good news is that these trends continuously grow in all parts of the world. In fact, there are many central banks out there that want to develop their own cryptos as well and use the benefits of advanced technology. More precisely, they want to make local and international transactions quicker and cheaper for the people.


Well, privacy is always a concern of Internet users. There are many hackers out there that would want to steal your identity and money. Fortunately, cryptos are completely safe because they provide discretion and anonymity to the users. You do not have to expose personal information with the other parties involved in the transaction. All you have to do is to share your crypto wallet and enjoy. Doesn’t this seem amazing?

Cryptos Are Safe


It would be good to remind you that your money is going to be safe all the time. Whenever you make a transaction, the anonymous crypto address generates. Whenever someone tries to change some data from the transaction, the address or code changes while the transaction you made remains safe. Complete safety is definitely one of the reasons why cryptos have become so popular among people.

Final Words

At the moment, the impact of network effects on cryptocurrencies is not so high. However, as the technology keeps growing the impact will be felt. With this in mind, developers are already looking for ways to provide scalability on blockchain networks.